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32GB or More PCMCIA (PC Card) Flash Drive?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by x0054, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. x0054

    x0054 Guest

    Hi all. I got 2 laptops, one for home, one for work and travel. I also got
    a desktop which I use occasionally. And I am getting tired keeping track of
    files. So, I had an idea, what if I get a flash drive and carry my personal
    folder on that.

    USB drives are out of the question because I will, I know it, snap off the
    thing in the USB port. So instead I am looking at a PCMCIA (PC Card) or CF
    Flash Cards instead. It's perfect because you can just slide them into any
    laptop that has a PCMCIA slot, most still do, and it's flush with the
    laptop, does not stick out, and that port has high access speeds.

    With that in mind I spent about 2 hours on google looking for a PC Card
    with 32GB or more of storage. But I can not find one. Can any one point me
    in the right directions, they must have them.

    Alternatively I looked at CF cards. They sell 32GB cards on ebay for about
    150$. Has any one used them before? I was looking for a PC Card because
    they are bigger, thus would have less dance memory and less failure
    possibilities, but a CF card would work just as well, if it is reliable.

    Has any one used the 32GB CF cards from ebay, are they reliable?

    - Bogdan
    x0054, Apr 18, 2008
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  2. x0054

    Gerard Bok Guest

    Not an answer to your question, I know :)

    Keep in mind that it is quite easy to disguise any small flash
    device (be it PCMCIA, CF, USB or whatever) as a much bigger --and
    more valuable-- device.

    So, you can have a device that shows 32 GB free space.
    It may even come with a label, promising 32 GB.
    But free space is zero once you stored 4 or 8 GB on the device.
    Be warned! Be very carefull :)
    Gerard Bok, Apr 18, 2008
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  3. x0054

    x0054 Guest

    (Gerard Bok) wrote in
    I heard about that. I decided to go with the 32GB CF drive from a
    reputable company. I got one from ebay for a reasonable price, and the
    guy is only 80 miles away from me. So, fingers crossed, it will be ok. I
    tend to trust ebay because of the feedback counts. Usually you don't get
    screwed if the guy has over 10k in feed back with 99+% of that positive.
    But I did here form a friend that he got a 32GB USB stick in China that
    ended up being a reformatted 1GB stick.

    Hopefully this little experiment works out.

    - Bogdan
    x0054, Apr 19, 2008
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