333 MHz athlon on 266 MHz board?

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Sean G., Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Sean G.

    Sean G. Guest


    I'm putting together an early v-day gift for the wifey--SK41G--and boy is my
    face red! Turns out I ordered an XP 2600+ Thoroughbred 333 MHz instead of
    the XP 2600+ Palomino 266 MHz. (For some reason the Palomino 2400s are all
    over but the 2600s are scarce.)

    At 133 MHz FSB, the BIOS is reporting it as 1800+.

    What are the practical implications of just leaving the darn thing in? Will
    performance be comparable to what we'd see with the Palomino? And more
    importantly, will keeping the Thoroughbred damage either the motherboard or
    the Athlon?

    This is important as we have a very uncomfortable couch. ;)


    Sean G
    Sean G., Jan 30, 2004
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  2. Sean G.

    EGK Guest

    You're basically just running your CPU severely underclocked. It should run
    just fine but of course you won't get nearly the performance you would with
    a motherboard and memory capable of 333.

    Will it let you increase the clock rating at all? Should be on the
    frequency menu in the bios. It's the CPU ratio on my mine. If it's
    locked and won't let you increase the ratio, you're stuck at 1800 until you
    can buy a new motherboard and memory that do 333mhz.
    EGK, Jan 30, 2004
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  3. Sean G.

    Sean G. Guest

    I think the BIOS for the FX41 in the SK41G goes up to 165 MHz. My RAM is
    PC3200, so I can overclock the mobo and the CPU and memory will still be
    underclocked. I have a cool video card (an old Voodoo4) so heat shouldn't
    be an issue.


    Sean G.
    Sean G., Jan 30, 2004
  4. Sean G.

    EGK Guest

    I believe when you do that you're overclocking everything on the PCI bus
    also so if you have sound or other cards on that, it could cause a problem.
    If you do, you can always back off.
    EGK, Jan 31, 2004
  5. Sean G.

    Sean G. Guest

    I believe when you do that you're overclocking everything on the PCI bus
    Hurm...the only I'll be adding is the agp video card. But I'll keep eye an
    out and slow things down if there's an issue.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Sean G.
    Sean G., Jan 31, 2004
  6. Sean, depending on the BIOS and the CPU, there might be a way to get
    the most out of the CPU. The speed of the CPU = FSB x CPU-multipler.
    Seems like the multiplier for the CPU is defaulting to 13 (13 x 133 =
    1,729 =~ 1,800).

    On some CPU's this is hardwired into the chip, on others it is
    adjustable from the BIOS. If you can, try raising it 1 or 2 points and
    see if the BIOS reports your CPU as a 2000+.
    Jan Bruun Andersen, Jan 31, 2004
  7. Sean G.

    Sean G. Guest

    Just an FYI follow up...

    The model 10 (T'bred) XP 2600+ runs at 1917 MHz with a 333 MHz FSB. At
    266/333*1917 ~= 1533 MHz, which is identified as 1800+. Overclocking the
    mobo to 300/333*1917 ~= 1733, which is correctly identifed as 2100+.

    I have not clocked it to 333, but presumable at that speed it'll come up as
    2600+. I don't think the multiplier can be changed on the FX41, but the FSB
    speed should get me whereever I need to go.

    And of course the model 8 XP 2600+ with the 266 MHz FSB in Barton, not
    Palomino. I had been shopping around for an upgrade for an old gigabyte
    mobo which only takes Palomino, hense the slip.

    Thanks for all your replies =)

    Sean G.
    Sean G., Feb 5, 2004
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