3Com HomeConnect PC Digital WebCam Lite & GA-8KNXP

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Migel, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Migel

    Migel Guest


    I have been using Asus P4S-333-M Mobo before with USB-1.1 3Com HomeConnect
    PC Digital WebCam Lite on my Windows XP SP1.
    They worked flawlessly together.

    Recently I changed my Mobo to GA-8KNXP Rev. 2.0 and everything is working
    fine, system is rock solid and I am happy with it.
    Only problem is that when I try to install my webcam drivers on XP SP1, my
    system freeze and I can not do anything except for pressing the RESET
    I tried installing the drivers in Safe Mode and they installed without
    freezing the system, although didn't show any picture in the diagnose box.
    However after I restarted the system froze again on the WELCOME screen, and
    kept freezing on every restart until I unplugged my webcam.
    I even tried to install the drivers on a fresh new windows installation -
    and had exactly the same problems.

    I know that 3COM discontiuned the HomeConnect PC Digital WebCam Lite long
    ago and their drivers are for every OS upto WIN2K, but as I stated above -
    it worked fine on every other system I tried - including my ASUS board and
    my DELL Inspiron Laptop which both running the same windows XP SP1

    Does anybody have any tip or info that can help me solve this problem? Does
    anyone else have this Camera and experience same or similar problem, or
    maybe succeeded in installing it with this motherboard?

    Migel, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Try installing the drivers first, without the webcam being plugged in, shut
    it down, plug in the camera and reboot.

    I had a similar problem with the Gigabyte K7NNXP board and the 3Com Home
    Connect Camera and this allowed me to get the camera running.
    Robert Patrick, Dec 1, 2003
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  3. Migel

    Migel Guest

    Hi Robert,

    I tried what you suggested - installed the drivers from the cd, shut down
    the PC, plugged in the webcam, booted, windows XP started - recognized a new
    USB Device and says it's the 3COM webcam, asked me what to do - I chose the
    first option (install the drivers automatically) - started copying the
    drivers, finished copying them and when trying to initialize - bang! freeze!
    (exactly like before).

    Any other ideas?

    Migel, Dec 1, 2003
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