3GHz XEON in HP x4000 Workstation?

Discussion in 'HP' started by Benjamin Gawert, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking of upgrading my HP x4000 Workstation. It has two 2GHz XEONs,
    and I planned going to 2x 2.8GHz XEON (400MHz FSB). Then I saw that there
    are also 3GHz XEONs with 400MHz FSB. Since HP officially sold the x4000 only
    with up to 2.8GHz (after that it has been replaced by its successor xw6000),
    I wonder if the 3GHz XEONs will work in the x4000. Anyone out there who
    tried that?

    Benjamin Gawert, Nov 23, 2004
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  2. Benjamin Gawert

    Josiah Fizer Guest

    The official word from HP is that they support up to 2.4Ghz

    However, I think its using a Tyan S2603 (aka i860) motherboard which
    can take up to 3.0Ghz with the latest BIOS. However I'm not 100% sure
    of this. Has anyone here had luck using a Tyan BIOS with the HP X4000?
    Josiah Fizer, Nov 24, 2004
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  3. Benjamin Gawert

    Josiah Fizer Guest

    Bit of an update. From this post on HPs forums I would guess that you
    in fact CAN use the Tyan BIOS in the X4000. Which is good news for me
    since I have one of these systems on its way to my door thanks to an
    eBay auction and I wanted to use a pair of 2.6Ghz CPUs.


    You can get the BIOS here.


    TYAN THUNDER i860 V1.07
    New Features and Fixes :
    Micro code update from SRV_C_20 version.
    (for up to 3.0GHz 400MHz FSB CPU's).
    Josiah Fizer, Nov 24, 2004
  4. I don't think thats correct. Partsurfer also lists 2.8GHz CPUs for the
    x4000, so they should be supported. And there also have been models of the
    x4000 with 2.8GHz...
    Well, my machine has over 1 year of on-site warranty left I don't want to
    flash an unsupported Tyan BIOS in the system. But since HP seems to support
    up to 2.8Ghz in the x4000 I wonder if the BIOS will also recognise the 3GHz
    CPU correctly...

    Benjamin Gawert, Nov 24, 2004
  5. Well, in this thread there only is one posting that says "You can try using
    the TYAN BIOS" which says nothing about if it works or not. Note that HP
    (like many other manufacturers) often use modified OEM hardware, and using
    the TYAN BIOS can render Your new x4000 as a pretty doorstop.

    Besides that, HP supports up to 2.8GHz in the x4000 so for Your 2.6GHz CPUs
    You don't need the TYAN BIOS anyway...

    Benjamin Gawert, Nov 24, 2004
  6. Benjamin Gawert

    Josiah Fizer Guest

    I have heard from a vendor that people have been able to run the 2.8
    and 3.0 Ghz Xeons in the X4000 with the HP BIOS (which is newer then
    the Tyan for what its worth). So what I plan on doing is trying the HP
    BIOS first and only resort to the Tyan one if the HP fails to utilize
    the CPUs.
    Josiah Fizer, Nov 24, 2004
  7. Benjamin Gawert

    Josiah Fizer Guest

    If you dont mind me asking, where did you see that HP supports 2.8Ghz
    Josiah Fizer, Nov 25, 2004
  8. Benjamin Gawert, Nov 25, 2004
  9. Benjamin Gawert

    Josiah Fizer Guest

    Interesting, I guess that means they must have added the newer
    microcode support without listing it in the BIOS updates. Good news
    Josiah Fizer, Nov 25, 2004
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