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3rd party hardware and support ( trt.com.au ) Total Risc Technology

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by noone, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. noone

    noone Guest

    Anyone here have any experience buying Sun hardware and support from 3rd
    parties ? ... such that, instead of a Sun engineer on site, you get a
    3rd party engineer on site.

    They have big clients in Australia, and they claim that they will be
    cheaper than buying hardware and support from Sun directly, hence
    management's interest.

    My only concern is that I have never dealt with them before, and have
    always used Sun support.
    noone, Jan 13, 2005
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  2. noone

    McBofh Guest

    They appear to be a Sun reseller, but they do not display any
    reseller logo or mention of any certification from Sun.

    I just did a quick search of sun.com.au for "trt.com.au" and
    did not get any hits, and they aren't listed in the page
    http://au.sun.com/partners/reseller/ssmaddress.html like other
    Sun partners/resellers.

    I recommend you call Sun and ask whether TRT is a certified
    reseller and support provider. If TRT isn't, then I would be
    wary of dealing with them.

    fwiw, my experiences with Sun support is that it is unequaled.
    While my hw has come from resellers, the support was always
    direct from Sun.

    McBofh, Jan 13, 2005
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  3. noone

    noone Guest

    After having chatted with them, the model is like this:

    Normal Sun business resellers here in Australia buy hw from Sun
    Australia, and Sun Australia hw buys from Sun GlobalServices. However,
    the support is done directly by Sun Australia ( although support contact
    is sold through the business reseller ). This is the way as it is with
    our existing support / maintenance agreement.

    With TRT, IIRC, they bypass Sun Australia ... and actually buy hw from
    Sun GlobalServices either directly or indirectly via one of the global
    Sun resellers. They also have their own inventory of Sun ( and HP and
    IBM ) hardware, even EOL'd hw.

    What was not clear was the support, as it seems that you would not get
    in contact with Sun directly, as TRT will be your main point of support
    contact ( via their qualified Sun engineers ). Thus, you would not get
    access to the customer only sections of sunsolve, or the on-line support
    centre, which I find valuable.

    In any case, they did say that their hw maintenance fee is almost flat
    every year, and possibly lower than Sun bronze support, even for EOL'd
    hw ... where as with Sun, the hw maintenance fee goes up every year once
    the hw is EOL'd.

    They have a pretty good list of clients, although I was not given a list
    of customers who use them for Sun support, since they basically grew out
    of supporting IBM hardware ( hence, the "R" on TRT ).
    noone, Jan 14, 2005
  4. noone

    McBofh Guest

    noone wrote (in comp.sys.sun.hardware):
    Ah. I believe that that means TRT _technically_ have to go back to
    Sun (USA) for anything. I got the distinct impression last time I
    talked to anybody @ Sun Australia regarding a support contract that
    this was not a good thing (tm).

    TRT might even fall under the 'grey market' category ;(
    The price might be great, but I'd still be wary.

    McBofh, Jan 14, 2005
  5. noone

    Andre Guest

    In Australia, Sun support can be pretty awful after the rounds of
    redundancies. Looks like they kicked the "trouble-makers", who just
    happened to be the clueful types.

    Support from a third-party vendor, on the other hand, has been rather
    peachy and they even bought lunch after dropping around replacement
    spindles for the faulty machine.
    Andre, Jan 19, 2005
  6. noone

    McBofh Guest

    That's an interesting assertion to make. On what information
    do you base it?

    What bad experiences do you have with Sun support?
    Any particular 3rd party vendor? Was that vendor bidding for
    any contracts at the time?

    McBofh, Jan 20, 2005
  7. noone

    Andre Guest

    My dealings with Sun. Our organisation has probably the largest pile of
    Sun machines in Australia.
    Aaah, examples.

    1. Sun "Engineer" doesn't know how to drop machine to single user.
    2. Sun "Engineer" costs us an additional 10 hours of downtime
    prior to being ejected from the building. Bonus feature: breaks
    DID mapping for the cluster while fart-arsing around.
    3. Sun "Engineer" physically breaks hardware while swapping a
    faulty CPU, leads to massive downtime while waiting for a
    replacement centreplane.

    Want more? I can give you plenty more. I have Sun issued certifications
    for a range of hardware, and where possible I'd rather recieve parts
    from a courier and do the job myself rather than entrust my machines to
    another hopeless case who runs from the building while a machine is down
    to avoid having to work overtime. Yes, this is a real case and I'm
    awfully tempted to name names.
    I won't mention names, but I can assure you that they weren't bidding
    for a contract at the time. They have a handful of contracts on EOL
    hardware. They just treat us like valued customers, unlike Sun who win
    the prize for being the only vendor that doesn't even shout Xmas lagers.

    Sun wonders why we have groups starting to use Dell/Lintel deployments
    in our organisation, without considering the fact they treat a massive
    customer like shite. Two of the Sun techs we liked prior to the
    redunancy festival now work for our organisation and we're glad to have
    them around.

    Don't get me wrong - Solaris is my favourite OS, and Sun hardware is
    great. I've just realised that if I was calling the shots on support,
    I'd buy a spare machine and put everything on parts-replacement.
    Andre, Jan 20, 2005
  8. I have sold a few pieces of Sun hardware (used - since that's what I deal
    in) to TRT and have had no problems with them from the perspective of them
    being a buyer and me be a seller.

    I've never had any dealings with them the other way around though.

    As I've never traded in new Sun hardware I can't really comment about Sun's
    distribution processes or what TRT might or might not do that is different
    to other players in the new Sun equipment market such as Frontline who are
    Sun's 'preferred dealer' (they share the same offices as Sun), and a small
    handful of other outlets.

    But they seem quite genuine in the small-scale dealings I've had with them.


    Kralizec Craig, Jan 28, 2005
  9. noone

    Dirk Guest

    Good afternoon. If you are looking for complete service on SUN, IBM
    or HP kit, there is a very large IT organisation providing a complete
    hardware and software service solution. We have numerous, well-known,
    industry clients. I can be contacted on 0413 380 815, to discuss
    Dirk, Feb 23, 2005
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