3rd party mp3 players, iTunes and drivers

Discussion in 'Apple' started by George Thump, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. George Thump

    George Thump Guest

    I've been given a funky little mp3 player (Nextway NMP-312A) which
    isn't on the Apple supported list and unsurprisingly doesn't show up
    as a device in iTunes.

    Unfortunately the manufacturers only appear to have drivers for
    Windows and strangely when I connect the device to the USB port on my
    iBook it seems to recognise it ok but doesn't mount it as a device on
    the desktop although it does show up in System Profiler. The device
    certainly recognises that it's being controlled by a host USB device
    as it displays the appropriate message on the LCD.

    I'm currently running 10.2.8 - any ideas how I can either:

    i, get this working with iTunes (probably a bit of a long shot)
    ii, get this working with something else to transfer music/files to it
    (I've taken a look on versiontracker but couldn't find anything that
    looked like it would do the job)
    iii, mount this device on the desktop. I've checked in Finder and
    removable devices should show up on the desktop but for some reason it

    Thanks in advance,

    George Thump, Nov 19, 2003
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