4000S Halt on Error

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by ch, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. ch

    ch Guest

    I have a 4000s I want to run without a keyboard or monitor.
    Things is, on every other computer i've seen, the bios had a setting
    for halt on error which if set to "none" would allow the machine
    to boot whether keyboard or monitor was present or not. Is it
    possible to get one of these to be setup in a similar method?

    Right now it stops at the error screen "304-Keyboard or System Unit
    Error", and I couldnt find anything to set this in the F10 Setup.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    ch, Apr 2, 2004
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  2. ch

    David Guest

    Don't have first hand experience with this, but I've been told if you set a
    setup password, you will then have a server mode option which should work
    w/o a keyboard. Let us know if it works.
    David, Apr 3, 2004
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  3. ch

    ch Guest

    Yes this works for the keyboard, although, if you do have a keyboard
    plugged in, it doesnt work....
    which makes it awful difficult to get the keyboard turned back on :)

    I havent got it to boot without a monitor yet though.
    ch, Apr 3, 2004
  4. ch

    David Guest

    Hmm.. suppose you'd have to clear the CMOS to get the keyboard back in that
    case. Don't know why it won't boot w/o a monitor, that shouldn't be a
    problem. I guess try to disable the onboard video if this one has it. Again,
    I suppose you'd have to clear the CMOS or use a vid card to get it back.
    David, Apr 3, 2004
  5. ch schrieb:
    My 4000N beeps on startup, but comes up without screen.
    You may use a dummy plug if it doesn't work.

    Gereon Wenzel, Apr 8, 2004
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