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Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by Rumple, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Rumple

    Rumple Guest

    Off topic in a way .....

    These units are very loud (come with a supermicro case)

    Possible mod ... (worked for me)

    I Removed the redundant fan controller and replaced both fans with
    vantec stealth 80mm fans .. so quiet now ....

    I used a thermal sensor from an aerogate II to monitor the supply and
    it mainatined 80F with full load .. both fans were wired together
    wiith exception of the speed sensors .. I used the single speed sensor
    from the rear fan.
    I put the case temp sensor on the outside of the PS and used the
    case fan control for the power supply to the PS .. I will be using an
    Aerogate I to control the case fans.

    I could have just as easily used the PS fan power lead (with out the
    redundant fan PCB) to power both fans. Just wanted to let any
    interested parties know the results .. enjoy :)

    P.S. The existing fan was a 4500rpm Nidec BataSL .22amp ( real
    screamer) I had wired two vantec stealth fans together and tried then
    in place of the Nidec in an attempt to maintain the redundant aspect
    but even though they were .10 amp each .. the alarm still sounded and
    the fans did not run at full power .. (I would have moded the PS with
    two fans had that worked) .. So the combined 20 amps did not fool the
    PS .... I have the Aerogate II and I advantage so I stopped there.
    Rumple, Oct 17, 2003
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