500m - DC jack dead, but battery power OK

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Clmbsrcks, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Clmbsrcks


    Aug 2, 2007
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    Hi everyone,

    My friend had intermittant power loss on her laptop, and eventually permanent power loss. I dug my way down to a broken terminal on the mobo DC jack, replaced it, and still no AC power.

    I swapped out the AC adapter with a working one, no dice. I inserted a like-charged battery and the laptop boots up normally.

    This girl can't afford a new computer at the moment and I thought I might entertain the idea of hardwiring the AC adapter to the battery terminals, in place of the battery.

    Has anyone tried this, or heard of anyone doing it? Since these dell laptops work without the battery installed, it seems possible to make this work.

    Any suggestions, pinouts, or words of encouragement would be warmly appreciated. :eek:

    Clmbsrcks, Aug 2, 2007
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