503+ USB 2.0 card not recognized, calling all wizards/gurus!

Discussion in 'FIC' started by Guest, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I built a 503 for my father awhile back, current configuration:

    503+, 1.2 (I think, how do you tell?)
    BIOS 1.15JE36
    AMD K6-2/500 mhz
    2 sticks Micron 64 meg ram, PC100
    Matrox Mystique PCI video, 4 megs
    Viewsonic 17' Monitor
    ActionTec PCI Modem
    SoundBlaster 16 ISA sound card (replaced a PCI Monster sound card)
    IBM 8 gig hd, boot drive
    Maxtor 12 gig hd, second drive
    TDK 16/10/40 cd burner
    Microsoft infared (?) mouse on mouse port
    IBM PS/2 keyboard
    Windows 98SE
    4in1 driver version 4.35
    Microsoft and VIA usb filter patches
    Epson dot matrix printer on LPT1

    My father wants to get one on the new multi-function printers. As they are USB I
    purchased a generic riser/slot cover to use the motherboard usb. After reading some of
    the posts here I decided maybe that would not be too good so I purhcased a Belkin usb 2.0
    2 port pci card. All the pci slots were full so I removed a Diamond Monster pci sound
    card, replaced it with the sb16 card and placed the usb card in that slot. When I turned
    the machine back on, Windows did not see it to install it. I told it to seach for
    hardware and it still could not find the usb card but it found the sb16 ok. I traded
    places with the pci modem and still no luck. I upgraed the 4in1 drivers and installed the
    usb filters. Nothing.

    And ideas? Is there another card that would be more compatible? Should I try a usb 1.1
    card? I would prefer the usb 2.0 speed for the scanner. Is my bios too old? Is there a
    setting in the bios that needs to be changed? BTW, to be sure the card was seated all the
    way I removed the back plate for purposes of the install. When I get it to work I will
    put the plate back on.

    Thanks for your help. This upgrade is driving me a little crazy. When I get it done I
    have a TNT2, 32 meg agp to install, hope that goes easier <g>. Other than this, this
    has been an adequate setup for him.

    Fred Endow
    Guest, Jul 24, 2003
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  2. Guest

    Robert Akins Guest

    Hello Fred:
    I seem to recall someone before on here using a Belkin PCI USB card, but
    don't remember for sure. I used an off brand "Best Ports" or something like
    that, USB 2.0 PCI card with the NEC chipset because I had heard about
    problems with PCI cards using the VIA USB chipset. When you removed the
    original sound card, did you go through the proper Windows 98 procedure- go
    to Device Manager and remove the sound card there first, then shut down the
    PC and physically remove it? You should always do swaps like this one step
    at a time, and always shut down the computer and restart it before adding a
    new piece of hardware, to give Windows a chance to realize that the old one
    is actually gone. Then, shut down again and install the new device, and
    restart. Also, does the driver for the Belkin USB card say it is for
    Windows 98? You have to get a driver from the card manufacturer, MS is not
    providing USB 2.0 device drivers. I had to do some searching on the
    internet before I found a driver for Win98SE that worked with my USB card.
    Robert Akins, Jul 26, 2003
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