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52.16 breaks TV out and overlay...again!

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by DVDyke, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. DVDyke

    DVDyke Guest

    It seems that everytime they update the drivers they break something
    in the TV and/or overlay.

    Previous drivers like 44.67 resulted in a blank screen when trying to
    playback videos on TV out using overlay mode.

    They fixed that by 45.23 whql but they still had the bug whereby if
    anti-flicker was set to 0 the clone mode would produce a corrupted
    image (Jaggies on lines). This was easy to sort out by moving
    anti-flicker up 1 notch.

    Now in 52.16 they have completely messed up overlay. Fullscreen
    playback of video using overlay on TV out results in an image squeezed
    from the sides with black pillar boxes either side of the image. This
    happens on widescreen or 4:3 material.

    Since there is no true option to select whether you have a widescreen
    TV or a 4:3 TV in the drivers (Unlike the Matrox cards which do) you
    have to compensate using your video playback application. In this
    instance I use Zoom Player and set aspect at anamorphic to playback
    4:3 material correctly on TV out to a widescreen TV in widescreen mode
    or leave at fullscreen aspect and switch the TV to 4:3 mode. For
    widescreen material I just leave the aspect in Zoom Player at
    fullscreen and widescreen mode on the TV.

    However in the 52.16 drivers this is completely messed up.

    With the TV set to widescreen mode. If I playback either widescreen or
    4:3 videos it displays as a 14:9 image on the TV. If I set the TV to
    4:3 mode it displays as a 3:3 image.

    I don't know what they did but these drivers are completely messed up.

    They spend so much time trying to get faster 3D that they ALWAYS
    forget to check TV out and overlay is working correctly.
    DVDyke, Oct 29, 2003
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  2. DVDyke

    DVDyke Guest

    One other thing. desktop clone looks fine. It's just overlay playback.
    Yes I have tried the various resize options just in case you think I
    am clueless ;)
    DVDyke, Oct 29, 2003
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  3. DVDyke

    Larry L. Guest

    The TV out has literally NEVER "fully" worked with nvidia cards -- never.
    Every single driver release has at least something wrong with the TV out
    features. The issues are never "deal breakers," but they're always
    annoying. The really frustrating thing the way the instant one problem is
    fixed by a new driver, a new problem pops up. The most recent issue I've
    had is the "digital vibrance" refusing to stay OFF even when telling the
    drivers to leave it off.

    I agree that it seems like nvidia barely gives any thought to the TV out
    features. It's obvious that they don't do any serious testing since these
    issues take numerous releases to be addressed.

    Larry L., Oct 30, 2003
  4. DVDyke

    DVDyke Guest

    Yup. I cannot turn digital vibrance completely off either. The other
    thing about the TV out is that it suffers from banding on some color
    graduations. I never had that with my old Matrox G400 but I had to
    upgrade the card when I upgraded the motherboard (AGP voltage problem
    on older G series cards). So Nvidia's DAC's for colorspace conversion
    on TV out are to put it bluntly. CRAP!

    The other annoying thing is that whilst you can zoom and position the
    TV out image for overscan compensation you cannot stretch the
    horizontal and vertical independently. So you may get the sideways
    overscan just right and find the image top and bottom you still have a
    little black bar etc.

    As soon as I can afford it I am switching back to Matrox. They may not
    have as much ease of control on TV out but the quality is a damned
    sight better!
    DVDyke, Oct 30, 2003
  5. DVDyke

    Someguy Guest

    The other annoying thing is that whilst you can zoom and position the
    I agree on the above posts... theres's always SOMETHING wrong with each
    driver release.. On my card, the brightness settings for TVout is always
    unpredictable. Sometimes its brighter than other times, and adjusting it is
    hopeless... you go to adjust it, and as soon as you touch the slider the
    brightness jumps right up.. then you go play it and it jumps back down

    Very very broken.
    Someguy, Oct 31, 2003
  6. DVDyke

    Larry L. Guest

    I think nvidia got lazy from being the top dog for so long. On top of this,
    once they started getting some real competition, they just put too little
    effort into the non-3D aspects of their cards.

    Larry L., Oct 31, 2003
  7. DVDyke

    Larry L. Guest

    Having made those complaints, I just tried the 52.16's and they actually
    seem to have eliminated the problems I was having previously. I haven't
    played with them that much, but so far so good. If these DO finally work
    properly, then my apologies to nvidia (although it's been a LONG time

    Larry L., Nov 4, 2003
  8. that's right, but the overlay problem on secondary device (PAL) exists in
    52.16 and not on 45.23/33!
    Karlheinz Graf, Nov 4, 2003
  9. DVDyke

    Larry L. Guest

    I apparently just got lucky on this release -- i.e. the "new" problem that
    they introduced with this driver just happens to be something that doesn't
    effect me (since I use NTSC.) I just wish they'd stop breaking something
    every time they fix something else.

    Larry L., Nov 5, 2003
  10. DVDyke

    Hamsterizer Guest

    (ive posted this message as a seperate thread, but i thought id bump this
    too, in case anyone is still watching it, as it seems related)


    i have a Siluro Ti4600 GeForce 4, running on XP. I recently tried to setup a
    2nd TV monitor in order to do video editing. Using the old detonator drivers
    i was able to get it setup so that video playing back from Windows Media
    Player played fullscreen on the TV whilst my monitor maintained its normal

    great i thought, i bet this works even better with the latest drivers
    (especially as they include increased support for duel monitors!)

    no combination will now reproduce what i had going under the old detonator
    drivers - clone view doesnt seem to work when the XP settings view both as
    monitor 1 (ie when u click identify) and if u get it to recognise them as 1
    and 2, the forceware drivers set to duelview. i cant get the full screen
    viedo overlay to work at all on the tv.


    (i can provide more details if needed)
    Hamsterizer, Nov 28, 2003
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