5SIM serial ports

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by Hans-Juergen Bardenhagen, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    sorry to bring back some old memories, but does anyone have information
    about the serial port connector cables using a different pinout than
    other mainboard manufacturers? I'm having problems trying to use the
    5SIM with a modem, because nothing works, although I checked that the
    IRQs and port addresses in the BIOS and under Win98SE are correct and
    don't have any conflicts. The diagnosis tool in the device manager even
    seems to send something to the modem when using COM1 (LEDs flicker like
    everything was normal), but nothing seems to get back to the mainboard,
    and the usual error message comes up after a few seconds. COM2 doesn't
    work at all (no LEDs flickering).

    Googling this and other news groups I found two old articles mentioning
    the different cable pinouts, but without information how it would differ
    from the normal one:

    (in this group)


    The ladder is only available in German, sorry.

    ZZee ya, Hans-Jürgen
    Hans-Juergen Bardenhagen, Nov 21, 2005
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