6 Front_Panel connectors for Rio Mobo ??

Discussion in 'HP' started by Fredcro, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Hi people,
    I have a GA-8TRC410MNF-RH Gigabyte (Rio),mobo from a packard bell IMEDIA PC 2459

    I cleaned all the insides out, the mobo,psu,heatsinks,inside the pci+pci/e slots of dust but i forgot to write down the order of the Front panel connectors as i rapidly took 'em off in 1 quick go, without thinking about the order i have to put em back.
    Just to complicate it ....the front panel connection wires from the Desktop-chassis are all in different single wires with small connectors,1 and 2 pin 1's. They are as follows...

    2 Pin Purple/White ''RESET SW'
    2 Pin - Yellow/White POWER SW
    1 Pin Green POWER LED +
    1 Pin Yellow POWER LED -
    2 Pin Red/White HDD LED

    Now the Motherboard GA-8TRC410MNF-RH ( I think its an obscure 1 called RIO ) , well the front panel pins on the mobo look like this
    _OOOO the dash being nothing/blank
    then there's a half inch space and the next thing is 2 x Double 5 pin-yellow USB Connections. called USB1 and USB2 But thats just describing the mobo where the F_Panel Pins Are ... I hope some 1 has this mobo and can have a look and help me out please.

    Packard Bells site is garbage, i can't do anything but get to the 'what country you from' bit, after that its just selling me stuff.. SO..has anyone got a way of me putting these 5 little connections onto the correct Pins, and doing it in the wrong order, could that naff my computer up? I've put alll the other wires/graphics cards/connections,PSU back and am ready to go apart from this VERY annoying problem. Its happened before, a year ago, but i wrote the order down last time BEFORE taking the connectors OFF.
    I am a Div at times!!

    Please could someone describe
    1. How to put em back on, in what order, and also, do they go on like pin-to-pin vertical, or pin-to-pin horizontal ??

    lets call the pins :
    A B C D E
    -- F G H I so what i mean , do i put them on ,say, a 2 pin connection, would it cover DE, or DH , get me ? I hope so, Anyway, i NEED help guys, ive seen this problemon a few forums as ive looked but no one has offered a soloution of which pins/coloured connections go where... my tower case is not the original case i got with the packard bell imedia 2459, its a gaming tower with pretty lights and see through, but i dont know the name, but its a pain with 6 connections to the front panel, the other connections, ive done, THANKS FOR YOUR TIME GUYS........FRED
    Fredcro, Mar 23, 2011
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