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Discussion in 'MSI' started by SRR, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. SRR

    SRR Guest

    I have a 6378 mainboard with integrated graphics which I believe
    shares 8mb of main memory. I want to instal a game (Age of Mythology)
    which requires a minimum of 16mb video memory.

    Is there any way to boost the shared memory? If not, any polite
    suggestions as to what I can do?

    Many thanks,

    SRR, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. SRR

    John Hoyne Guest

    If the BIOS you can increase the shared memory under "Advanced Chipset
    Features". Press the Delete key while booting to enter the BIOS setup.

    Also look at Display in Control Panel (select Settings Tab, Advanced
    Button); depending on the driver you have installed you may be able to
    change it from there


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