6BDU not recogising processors properly...

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by Bob, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Hello, I've got a dual PIII box that runs off a 6BDU. It hasn't been
    running for a couple of months and when I started it at the weekend
    it's not recognising the processors or memory properly.

    On boot up is claims that it's got two PIII 125MHz chips, however, when
    I go into the BIOS it's correctly set to be 500 MHz (100*5). Anyone
    seen this kind of problem before...?

    To make matters worse it's not recognising the memory I've got properly
    either. If I put one SIMM it will either work or not even boot. If I put
    two in will register 256Mb and give a warning about not finding SPD in
    slot 2. If I put three in it will register 512Mb and give a warning
    about not finding SPD in slots 2 and 3. All SIMM's are 256Mb PC-133. I
    tried replacing them all with 128Mb PC-100 and it wont boot and I can't
    get to the BIOS.

    So, what is this SPD thing?

    Bob, Nov 15, 2004
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