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6xxx doesn't work anymore in linux, while in windows it is fine

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Giacomo Boffi, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. at home i have to switch from XP to linux (debian sid, for what is
    worth) on the same PC, on both OS i use NVIDIA's drivers

    yesterday evening i unhappily put XP on sleep when i intended to
    switch off my computer (it was the first time in my life that i used
    that feature of windows)

    when i switched on the PC to be able to definitively turn it off, the
    screen went dark gray, the system was frozen and i had to do an hard
    switch of the electric current

    after this accident, linux has not been able to turn on the graphical
    nodes of my nvidia card (dark gray screen, frozen system exactly as
    above) while windows has no problems at all

    after the 1st failure (->switchoff) in order, i tried the following

    1. recompile and reinstall and use the "nvidia" driver,
    2. use the "nv" driver,
    3. use the "noveau" driver,
    4. start windows, get the graphical screen and hard switch the
    electricity, restart with linux
    5. take the time to write to you... there is something i could do? or
    i have to change my video card?

    1 to 4 gave me no joy, i have still a little hope for #5...

    thanks in advance (ask for further details as you see fit)

    Giacomo Boffi, Oct 8, 2010
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  2. Giacomo Boffi

    gibi Guest

    i received the same advice from different sources, i have to try it :)
    strange i say too! my guess is that xp put something in non-volatile
    storage on my card while preparing for sleep mode...
    i tried 5 different drivers... nvidia, recompiled nvidia, nv, noveau and
    vesa: xp should have a 12/10 sight to bork all this disk sectors and
    nothing else!
    so i will do
    unlikely it is

    thank you for your advice and the words of comfort

    gibi, Oct 11, 2010
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  3. Giacomo Boffi

    deimos Guest

    This may be related to the behavior of some monitors/DVI ports as
    described by Viewsonic tech support to me once. Apparently a DVI port
    (on the video card) can go "dormant" if it does not establish a
    connection with the monitor device or has some sort of hardware error.
    This can be like a dead port; but another display or another port on the
    card works just fine. You might find that if you simply switch to a
    different display temporarily; it'll "come back to life".

    You can also try a trick where you boot with two different display
    connections to the same monitor; then switch between the two by
    disconnecting one, and switch back by hot swapping to the original port.
    This generally involves both DVI and VGA cable connected the card (vga
    via adapter is ok), then swapping whichever port is still good for the

    This could all be unrelated; but it seems to me that DVI has memory of
    sorts that is dependent on the device connected and I've seen many
    threads over the years describing a similar solid color screen or no
    display at all after the display failing to wake up. FWIW; perusing the
    driver release notes for the past couple versions might reveal fixes for
    drivers failing to resume on different models.
    deimos, Oct 12, 2010
  4. Giacomo Boffi

    gibi Guest

    i confess my ignorance: here i have a really old (and really fine:)
    samsung CRT monitor connected to my GF6200 with a VGA cable, is it
    possible that DVI "lock" plays a role in this?
    i can try to connect my monitor with a VGA cable and DVI-VGA adapter, is
    this what you are proposing?
    oh well! do you know the italian saying "mal comune mezzo gaudio"?

    thank you for your good advice, ciao
    gibi, Oct 13, 2010
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