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7900 GS AGP Power requirements

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Woger, May 29, 2009.

  1. Woger

    Woger Guest

    7900 GS AGP Power requirements

    I have a XFX model of this GPU but what is the 12V amps to drive the card, I
    have a Enermax 495W Power supply and when I was trying to clean up a old 40G
    HD the PSU looks like it was shutting down..

    That would be 4 HD, 2 CD/DVD Burners DVD reader, ZIP Drive and a Floppy and
    4 Fans plus running 2 G or ram and a P4 3.2

    I keep reading that you need a dedicated 20-22A 12V feed but the GPU only
    draws 87W, XFX state 350W PSU, but that is a useless statement as it
    depends on your totally system regiments..
    Woger, May 29, 2009
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  2. Woger

    Guest Guest

    I doubt that 'dedicated 20-22A' spec is true. I'm running a Gainward
    7800GS+ (7900GT AGP equivalent, 24 pipes) just fine on a 600W
    GameXStream supply, on an 18A 12V rail, with moreless the same
    system components you have (except no Zip drive, and a 3.6Ghz P4
    Northwood). So if you're exceeding the Enermax's capabilities, it's
    not by much. Idle DVD burners, Zip drives, floppies etc draw next
    to no power, and 495W should be plenty for the mobo, XFX, 2GB
    ram, 4 hard drives and fans.

    What symptoms did you have with the power supply (what does
    "looks like it was shutting down" mean?)
    Guest, May 29, 2009
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  3. Woger

    Woger Guest

    I was trying to clean up a old 40G Seagate drive that a friend was after and I
    got some clicking noises and lockups, the clicking noise was the same as when
    you power down, it happened a few time in a row.

    The old Seagate draws about 0.85A 5V & 0.75A 12V, have been running this PC
    with 3 120G drives for a few years, one failed so I replaced it with a 500G
    SATA Seagate and I will remove the other spare drives in time.

    Things started to go wrong when I was trying to clean the 40G Seagate, I ended
    up unplugging some of the other bits and managed to clean and format it, it
    had not much use..

    But since then seem to be having Seek Noises and XP lockups I thought from the
    new hard drive but test seem to show its all OK, so have unplugged the other
    120G Seagate that was near it and have not had the desktop lockups, so I am
    thinking its a PSU problem..

    The PSU is some 4 years old, may be the caps have dried out
    Woger, May 29, 2009
  4. Woger

    paul_0090 Guest

    Nvidia has a "power calculator" needs at their web site. The only way
    I've found to access was to go the support driver download page
    & look on the left side for the listing of what support was available.
    A line say "calculator".

    I am using a BFG 250gt oc which the box say require a 500 watt power
    supply but I only have a 450 watt supply that came with the case. The
    calculator came out with a need of less than 400 watts. Note that
    the calculator prompts for the system load like the number of pci
    slots occupied, memory, harddrives, dvd/cd.....

    Might help.
    paul_0090, May 29, 2009
  5. Woger

    Woger Guest

    Hi Thanks but does not seem to be there any more, those sort of calculators
    are very hit or miss..
    Woger, May 30, 2009
  6. Woger

    Woger Guest

    From Net searches plus info I read way back when I got the card as before I
    just had a 6600 GT..
    Woger, May 30, 2009
  7. Woger

    TGH Guest

    I had lock-ups and crashes on my x1950 agp until I put a ram heatsink on it
    and the crashes stopped almost instantly.

    TGH, Jun 14, 2009
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