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[7CIT] I Do Not Think That Anyone In Here Can Answer This; Albeit,

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ray, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. ray

    ray Guest

    tut tut tut... such anger, pity it isn't channeled into something more
    useful like constructive posting
    ray, Jan 1, 2004
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  2. ray

    Ron Cook Guest

    Hash: SHA1

    Have you tried emailing the manufacturer: Corsair Micro, or checking through
    the links on their website ?

    < http://www.corsairmicro.com/ >

    Or (and I realize this is a really *bad* suggestion), have you tried
    Google ?
    There is a reason Google is recommended.

    Google found over 27,000 pages related to 'CAS Latency'.

    The following are just two from the first listing of twenty - and just
    happen to be two of the most-respected manufacturers of memory products.

    < http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/tech_resources.html >
    < http://www.crucial.com/crucial/pvtcontent/memorytype.asp?memtype=cas >

    - --
    Ron n1zhi

    Version: GnuPG v1.2.2 (GNU/Linux)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Ron Cook, Jan 1, 2004
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  3. ray

    Skid Guest

    Had I know what an ungrateful guttersnipe you were when I saw your first
    request for information, I would not have wasted nearly as much time on a
    detailed reply.

    If you had spend half as long reviewing the links I included as you did
    composing this silly rant, you would have found the answers to all your

    As for e-mail replies, I don't do those in most cases because the whole
    purpose of public newsgroups is SHARING information on common topics, not
    spoon-feeding those who are too self-centered or ignorant to do their own

    Overclocking is not rocket science, but there are enough variables between
    hardware and software configurations that each case is different. If you
    hope for any success, you have to grasp some basics before you start.

    I tried to point you in the right direction and gave you links to multiple
    sources with guides on bios settings, memory timings and general
    overclocking tips.

    If you want to pout because no one published a book with your name on it and
    came to your house to read it to you before bedtime, go ahead. But don't
    expect us to respect you in the morning.

    If you politely ask a specific question with an answer that can be stated in
    simple terms, you'll get good results. If, as you did, you string together a
    gaggle of topics that basically amount to "Tell me everything you know about
    overclocking," you can hardly expect anything other than what you got. "Go
    to Google" is the proper response to a request like that.

    I made an exception because you presented yourself as a newbie who genuinely
    wanted to learn something. Now I know you'll just another ill-tempered

    From the long list of newsgroups you've cross-posted to, it looks like
    you've burned bridges in most of the places where you could go for help in

    You're on your own, now. Good luck.

    P.S., for those who might be wondering why I top-posted, it's because
    reading the silly tripe below is a total waste of time. But if you feel the
    need, be my guest.

    Meanwhile, the thread that started it all can be found by searching for the
    original topic:
    {Newbie}Unlocking the Truth about Mutipliers, CAS, and Dividers?

    Skid, Jan 1, 2004
  4. ray

    Aaron Dinkin Guest

    "If you politely ask a specific question with an answer that can be
    stated in simple terms, you'll get good results. If, as you did, you
    string together a gaggle of topics that basically amount to "Tell me
    everything you know about overclocking," you can hardly expect anything
    other than what you got. "Go to Google" is the proper response to a
    request like that.

    I made an exception because you presented yourself as a newbie who
    genuinely wanted to learn something. Now I know you'll just another
    ill-tempered troll."

    That is ALL I wanted, I just wanted to see THE ABOVE QUOTATION, I was
    fursturated, I was angry, I have trouble digging through information
    teaching myself stuff, that is why the links were of no help to me... I
    admit that I went about it all wrong, Albeit, I needed to see if there
    were people whom, again, spent the extra 2-4 minutes typing a valid
    response instead of a "Goto Google"... I commend you!!!

    And do you know the ironic thing????

    Again, YOU were the one who provided the most complete, albeit blunt,
    delineation of the facts, to which I also commend you for!!!

    I will respect your wishes and I will not post to the groups again for a
    LONG while (long as a variable term but no less than 3 months)...
    Aaron Dinkin, Jan 1, 2004
  5. ray

    Skid Guest

    Nobody is asking you to run away. Just spend a few minutes looking at the
    bios guide at www.rojakpot.com and the overclocking guides at
    www.anandtech.com, www.overclockers.com and www.tomshardware.com

    They explain the basics better than anyone here has the time or energy to
    do. When you have specific questions, ask them -- without being a jerk about
    it -- and someone will try to help.

    Everyone reading this has been through the same learning process,
    frustration included. But if you want individual instruction, hire a tutor.
    If you want someone else to build or overclock your computer, pay them.

    If you want to learn how to do it yourself and seek free advice, develop a
    little patience and a thicker skin.
    Skid, Jan 1, 2004
  6. ray

    Arthur Hagen Guest

    You don't pay us enough to DEMAND responses. If people answer, or only
    answer a tiny part of your long queries (which would take hours to
    research), or ignore you completely, that should be all fine.
    This isn't 24by7freesupport, you know, and people who post here have their
    own lives, their own problems, and use these fora for discussion more than
    anything. If there's a quick question that someone can answer -- fine.
    Just don't expect it, or treat the newsgroups as being FOR answering
    questions. They're not.

    Here on Usenet, be thankful for what people HAVE answered you -- for free,
    out of their own unpaid time, with no obligation to do so. Get the point
    yet? Oh, and how many helpful answers have YOU given people? I'm sure
    you've put back what you've taken out, no?

    If you really want all your questions answered, feel free to contact me as a
    consultant. My normal rate is US $120/hour, plus expenses.
    No, just clueless and ignorant to a point we seldom see here.

    That's three more than you could reasonable expect. Feel privileged.
    Here's my response:

    Arthur Hagen, Jan 1, 2004
  7. ray

    kony Guest

    That's starting today, right?

    You were given good advice, to learn the fundamentals of overclocking
    then if/when you have specific issue, it's more appropriate to ask
    about that in a concise post.
    kony, Jan 1, 2004
  8. ray

    Brendan Guest

    If u ask such a general question, then u will get a general answer. If u
    want to know something specific, then we prolly can help.

    As for your question below, i cant understand it cos of all that other crap
    u put in there. If u make it hard for us to read/understand a question, we
    will make it hard for u to read/understand the answer (if it gets an
    answer). Also, include a manufacturer of that ram u got, cos i duno who
    makes it. Others with more exp than me prolly do, but i dont.

    Brendan C.
    Brendan, Jan 2, 2004
  9. ray

    Dashi Guest

    Jeez you guys have a lot of patience, more than Aaron Dinkin deserves.

    Dashi, Jan 2, 2004
  10. ray

    N. Thornton Guest

    I'm not clear why you think people owe you something. Anyway I'm glad
    you got what you wanted, but you might want to think about being very
    very nice for the next 6 years :)

    Regards, NT
    N. Thornton, Jan 2, 2004
  11. ray

    CBFalconer Guest

    ^ ^
    ^ ^^^^^^
    ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^

    In other words, avoid messing up your articles with things like
    the underlined mistakes, which make it hard to read. If you also
    avoid top-posting the results will become fairly understandable,
    and have some chance of drawing intelligent replies.
    CBFalconer, Jan 2, 2004
  12. ray

    Brendan Guest

    what the??? what mistakes? whats wrong with top posting?

    Brendan C.
    Brendan, Jan 2, 2004
  13. ray

    Hippy Paul Guest

    No I have not got the slightest idea of what you are on about - total
    gibberish as far as I can see - but to be truthful I can not be arsed to
    read it as it looks to be insane.

    - if you want the answers to what RAS, etc is then why do you not do what
    most people do and look it up - we are not your personal researchers,
    perhaps people are trying to help you develop your own independence

    - oh dear another 'why do you not do your own reading' answer

    Why do you seem to think that we are obliged to serve you - think you are
    sooo f#ckin' superior do you that we must kowtow to your every demand - or
    do you think that we work for your ISP or something and have a contractual

    perhaps you have a lesson to learn in life - which is that you can not
    expect other people to adhere to your own standards - try and force them and
    you are acting like a fascist.

    BTW Have you sort psychiatric help for your condition?
    Hippy Paul, Jan 3, 2004
  14. ray

    Aaron Dinkin Guest

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
    Lines: 128
    Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2004 02:21:56 GMT
    X-Trace: twister.nyroc.rr.com 1072923716 (Wed, 31 Dec 2003 21:21:56 EST)
    NNTP-Posting-Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 21:21:56 EST
    Organization: Road Runner
    Xref: intern1.nntp.aus1.giganews.com alt.comp.hardware.overclocking:381520 alt.comp.hardware:249587 comp.hardware:49140 alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amd:270240

    Greetings AND Salutations ,

    Could anyone PLEASE help me with the following, this is an excerpt from
    an email that I sent that has yet to have been responded to, I just seem
    to have a crazy idea that acutal people whom are computer savvy enough
    to post in these groups, would have the knowledge to help me out???


    This is the product that I purchased (indirectly) from you:
    CMX256A-2700C2PT XMS2702v3.1 0346032 333MHz CL2

    This product has a Memory CAS Latency of "2-3-3-6-T1"

    I have TWO questions regarding the and relating to the "Memory CAS
    Latency: 2-3-3-6-T1" :

    Question 1::: How do I read this : "2-3-3-6-T1"
    Notice, When I ask "How do I read this" what I really mean is:
    What do EACH of the "CODONS" (ie.: 2, 3, 3, 6, T1) stand for:::
    (ie.: The First "CODON" Which happens to be a '2' Stands for
    <the QuinTibial RHO Value> AND < this means that it
    controls how much MEAT is given to a person that suffers from Anemia>,
    While the Second "CODON" Which happens to be a '3' Stands for <the
    Cerremic DHY Value> AND < this means that <it> is DIRECTLY
    responsable for 10% of all of the Chapter 11's being filed in
    Novemner of 2034> <<<etc,.>>>)
    Question 2::: How does the ABOVE stated relate/coorelate to the following*:
    Notice, When I ask "How does the ABOVE stated relate/coorelate
    to the following <foo>" I am not asking for a "Because It
    Says So, Oran Ask GOOGLE, or It is the FRAK Multiplier (Stated
    without an explanation that would clear up any misunderstandings;
    thus making it so that I do not have to send another email...
    IN SHORT, I am Requesting YOU To EXPLAIN FULLY (Please...))
    *<The Following (Which Happens To Be An Excerpt From My BIOS) Is The
    ABOVE Stated, In Regard to "the following">

    DRAM Timing (ie.:By SPD | Manual )
    DRAM CAS Latency (ie.:3 | 2.5 | 2 | 1.5 )
    Bank Interleave (ie.:Disabled | 2 Bank | 4 Bank )
    Precharge to Active(Trp) (ie.:2T | 3T | 4T | 5T )
    Tras Non-DDR400/DDR400 (ie.:6T/8T | 7T/10T | 5T/6T | 8T/12T )
    Active to CMD(Trcd) (ie.:2T | 3T | 4T | 5T )
    DRAM Burst Length (ie.:4 | 8 )
    DRAM Command Rate (ie.:2T Command | 1T Command )
    DRAM Access Time (ie.:2T | 3T )
    DRAM Queue Depth (ie.:2 Level | 4 Level | 3 Level )
    tWTR for DDR400 ONLY (ie.:1T | 2T | 3T )
    Write Recovery Time (ie.:2T | 3T)

    Thanks In Advance ~7~


    NOTICE::: There is a --- for lack of better words --- flame at the end
    of this document... I am just soooo angry that all I wanted was a lousy
    response and all I got in return was (for the most part) "Go to
    Google..." Now I am not saying that EVERY POST I recieved was of no
    help, in fact the contrary is true, I did indeed get a few responses
    that were of some help, however they were from AT MOST THREE different
    individuals. (I am sorry if I had miscounted, but off the top of my head
    that was the ammount I remembered...) :::NOTICE

    So If you want to still have a --good-- ideal in regard to me as a
    person You MAY OR MAY NOT want to read the rest of this document...
    I dont blame ANY ONE OF YOU I just blame society for engineering us this

    Before YOU ALL START Flaming me and telling me Oh This is a CrossPost
    Your are violating this and that, I KNOW I CROSS POSTED I DID THAT
    UNPURPOSE because NOONE helped me when I posted the first, and second,
    and third .... I kept asking the same question to different newsgroups
    and what did I get "Oh, Check GOOGLE, GoTO This Website, FOO.BAR..." And
    I was NICE at first, but this is F\_/(K!NG rediculous... What do you
    think I am some sort of TROLL or GROUPER or LEECH??? NO!!! I am just so
    angry that NONE OF YOU (Well, Almost... Actually NO... NO ONE in the
    NewsGroup Helped me (Well, that is not entirely true I think there was
    AT MOST THREE (im sorry if i missed someone))... I had to EMAIL certain
    Individuals (and you know who you are, and I FULLY and FULLheartedly and
    MOSTwarmly THANKYOU and wish those of you whom spent the extra 2-4
    minutes it takes to write a decent response, I COMMEND YOU!!!)) I just
    wanted a Simple answer... But now that has all changed...

    People, have some honor, All I wanted was a lousy response, when I first
    posted All i wanted was a mere paragraph noteven, and the majority of
    the posts I recieved in return constituted of the following theme:
    "Check Out Google, Look at this website, ReadTheFuckinManual, etc.,"
    there may have been AT MOST THREE (again i am sorry if i had miscounted
    and there was more) people that gave me anything of value, I was not
    asking for a Doctoral Dissertation...

    You know what I think... I dont think ANY of you actually have a clue as
    to how to read and or understand the above, WHY do I think this? Merely
    from the (lack of) response that was recieved in regard to my first
    (futile) posts...

    I AM ANGRY!!!
    Aaron Dinkin, Oct 16, 2006
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