7N400 Pro restarts

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by boh, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. boh

    boh Guest


    I have just put together a GA-7N400 Pro system with 2x512MB RAM, 2x80GB WD
    RAID drives, 10 GB application drive, MSI FX5200, Termaltake 420W power. No

    I think I have all the latest drivers and bios. Sometimes one I access
    different applications it will just reboot. No bluescrueen, just a reboot
    like I had pressed a button. Latest application was Symantec Internet
    Security (comes with the MB). Trying to update over the net restarted it and
    so did trying to remove it. It also seems like the Easy Tune 4 can have the
    same effect.

    Any clues greatly appreciated.

    boh, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. boh

    boh Guest

    I removed one memory stick and now the problem is gone. I have tried 2
    different brands (Kingston and some generic) same problem. Seems to be a
    problem with this board. Anyone else had similar experiences?
    boh, Jul 20, 2003
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  3. boh

    Paul Guest

    Had similar prob. Are you trying to use dual channel memory?
    As dual channel memory just keeps machine in
    reboot loop.
    Bought two 512Mb memory modules PC2700 from Crucial using their memory
    selector. Both modules use the same chip (infineon) rated at 333DDR.
    If their are put into Slot 1+2 there work fine, but then the dual channel
    memory isn`t being used this way.
    Paul, Jul 20, 2003
  4. boh

    boh Guest

    Yes, dual channel. There seems to be an un-official 10A bios that handles
    the dual channel properly. I guess I will forget about 2 channel for about a
    month or so and it should be fixed in a proper release. thanks.
    boh, Jul 20, 2003
  5. boh

    mouse777 Guest

    The same problem here, tried using Dual Channel configurations (1 x 256 Mb
    Infineon PC2700 & 1 x 256 Mb Generic Pc2700), it would reboot randomly on
    whatever applications used and sometimes Windows XP SP1 reported that my
    video memory is just 32 Mb (Leadtek A250 Geforce4 Ti 4400 128 Mb). Can't
    wait for the bios update to be released soon.
    mouse777, Jul 21, 2003
  6. boh

    ghettogirl Guest

    Yes, but, will they address this problem, or simply release a newer board.
    I'm experiencing the exact same problem, and was debating whether to return
    the board and get a new one, or hold off for the BIOS fix...? Kinda of
    unfair, you pay for the whole product but only get part of it!!! :(
    ghettogirl, Jul 21, 2003
  7. boh

    Tim Guest

    Dear GhettoGirl and all other victims,

    Take it back. If you buy a product and it only partially works, then take it
    You shouldn't have to stuff around with Bios to get a major feature to work
    as advertised.

    My opinion on Bios is that the release '1' (may be 1.9 for all I care)
    version with version 1 motherboard should be as advertised.
    Certainly there can be bugs and other issues, but the core features in a v1
    m/b should work from day 1.

    If the manufacturer does not state clearly (on the box) that specific (make
    / model) memory only is supported then take the hard line - particularly if
    you buy both the memory and m/b from the same vendor: IE if you purchase
    memory rated at or above that stated as required in the specs, then if that
    memory works and the m/b doesn't, take the m/b back. It is up to the
    manufacturer and its distribution channels to require competency in the
    resellers if a m/b has special requirements. After all, these days m/b's are
    consumer items - they are sold retail in shop windows!

    What is acceptable for a bios upgrade? Performance improvements,
    improvements in the Bios UI (there is need for a LOT), elimination of subtle
    bugs (EG Award Bios has lousy defaults in some places, seems to be poor at
    detecting IDE drives that are on SATA controllers), improved usability (what
    happens if you don't have a Windows '98' keyboard with a power button and
    want to use standby? You have to have a password!) addition of facilities EG
    extra boot options, adding in new features, adding in support for CPU's that
    did not exist at time of product release.

    What is not acceptable? For a system to boot off memory that is not usuable.
    Detailed memory checking should be built into the Bios. For defaults to be
    illogical. For a change in an item in the Bios down the list to affect
    something up the list (abit). To not being able see IDE devices in the list
    that are boot discs. To have an unusable system if one loads defaults. Not
    showing the value of something you need to change (EG memory voltage - why
    do we need to change this?). To have to 'Clear cmos'. The need for dual bios
    roms is absurd. If the bios was written correctly you wouldn't need it. I
    have been using up till now asus m/b's and have *never* had to clear the
    cmos on a m/b in over ten years! On this 8knxp I have had to do it 3 times
    because the system doesn't run stably in optimum config - silly me to expect
    it to! Similarly I have never had to downgrade a bios 'cos the new version
    was too unstable to use (not on the gigabyte board - abit which I took
    back). Nine tenths of the hassle I have had with this m/b is due to the
    bios - all others with canterwood seem to have the award bios, so lets hope
    the manufacturers get some horrid feedback from consumers indicating they
    expect some quality - particularly after all these years where they have had
    so much time to get these things down PAT. Oh and my HT doesn't work!

    Moan? Me? You bet. I don't build a lot of PC's - maybe 5 a year - but I have
    never had to stuff around in the bios of a new m/b anywhere near as much as
    with these bios. It is simply disgusting! Most of the discussion in this
    news group is around bios - should be the least discussed item.

    Could they please get there voltage displays correct! If they are not using
    a register on the SMBus (if thats where they are), could they zero it and
    leave it alone.

    Excuse me....

    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 21, 2003
  8. boh

    FlopFlop Guest

    Man, I have the same problem... I cant utilize the dual channel ddr
    function without having applications booting me out randomly (mostly
    games). Inserting memory in the same channel will work fine tho...
    Oh by the way, I have 2 512M corsair memory modules... ddr2700 and a
    GA-7n400pro. If they fix this problem though, I'll be real happy.
    Everything else about this motherboard looks well built...
    FlopFlop, Jul 21, 2003
  9. boh

    Paul Guest

    Would love to know where this 10A bios can be found.

    Paul, Jul 22, 2003
  10. boh

    boh Guest

    boh, Jul 22, 2003
  11. boh

    Paul Guest

    Thanks for the URL.
    Updated Bios and now dual channel seems to work fine.
    Dont know what has been done but thanks to whoever.
    Paul, Jul 23, 2003
  12. boh

    Andrew K. Guest

    I have two 512mb PC2700 Crucial modules (purchased 6/03). They are unstable
    for me in dual channel mode but work fine in single channel.

    If a bios upgrade will help, I'll try it. I'm now using version F9.
    Andrew K., Jul 26, 2003
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