7NJl6 and AMD Barton XP-M 2400+/2500+ Anyone using this combo??

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by stanmc, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. stanmc

    stanmc Guest

    I am about to upgrade from my current Palomino 1700+ to a Barton. Before
    I pick a 2600+ not the mobile (XP-M) version, I would like to hear from
    others who are using the mobile version in a 7NJL6. I am especially
    interested in the 2400FQQC4 and the 2500FQQ4C. These processors are
    clock unlocked according to a few reviews I have read and I would like
    to use one of them if the BIOS of the 7NJL6 will run it above stock
    speeds (266MHz FSB and 1.8 or 1.867 GHz respectively).
    stanmc, Jun 28, 2005
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  2. stanmc

    uddarts Guest

    first you can answer a question for me. does the 7njl6 have any way to
    set multies or voltage? does the board have temp or voltages sensors?

    as far as i know chaintech bios does not handle mobiles. i have a
    7njs-ultra and with the v9.0 i have to set the multi in the bios.

    i recently bought a kt600 and put a unlocked xp2500 in it. it’s like
    driving a car without a rearview mirror. there are no sensors. since
    the xp2500 has a 11 multi, i set mem to 1:1 [email protected] i’ve run
    prime95 for 24 hours on it. i plan on trying a pin mod to see what
    else it will do. i’m planning on trying a 11.5 multi which what a
    straight xp2600 would have. when is the question. whether a pin mod
    will produce the same results i don’t no yet. i do have a xp2400-m to
    try later. some boards require cutting bridges and the like with
    mobiles, i think. there are few ifs here. i won’t know till i try. if
    you give me a week or so i can give the 2400-m a shot.

    uddarts, Jun 29, 2005
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  3. stanmc

    stanmc Guest

    The manual for the 7NJL6 shows a BIOS setting of expert for the CPU
    Interface. However, when I go into the BIOS neither expert nor Turbo are
    available. Only optimal and Aggressive show up. I don't know if you can
    set these things as the manual and my BIOS screens (BIOS 2) do not
    agree. That is why I was asking the questions which started this thread.
    Hopefully someone else will respond with more info.
    stanmc, Jun 30, 2005
  4. stanmc

    uddarts Guest

    i did some tinkering yesterday with a 2400-m in the c-kt600. as a drop
    and go you get a 1200mhz. i did several different pin mods and could
    not get anything that would come close to a stable system. it appears
    the way the bios is written, either it will never work with a mobile
    or there needs to be an additional modification.

    i have a 7nif4 that i picked up at the same time as the 600. it has
    the optmal and agressive setting too. i’ve got a duron 1800 in it now
    and haven’t experimented with it yet with the unlocked xp2500 or the
    xp2400-m to see if there is a multi option that becomes available.

    i would think your board and bios would react close to that of the
    600, with a mobile. i wouldn’t gamble on getting the mobile to work.

    i see two possible choices. a xp2500+ with the 11 multi or maybe the
    xp2600+ , with the 11.5. since i was able to run the 2500 at 11x200
    without any mod, you should be able to do the same and run at
    xp3200/2200mhz. you might be but no guaranty to get a xp2600+ to
    11..5x200. this all hangs on whether your using 400 ram.

    i don’t know if your in the states but the only location that i have
    puchased from before is


    for the xp2500+.

    you can play with the fsbs too as long as there is a agp & pci lock on
    the board. the 7nif4 does.

    you can use


    my 2 cents..

    edit: i don’t see why you couldn’t use the pin mod with a stock xp for
    some extra voltage. that should work ok. as long you have good

    uddarts, Jul 2, 2005
  5. stanmc

    stanmc Guest

    I am now able to answer my own question. The 7NJL6 does not support the
    Barton XP-M chips very well. I installed the one I received today
    (7/13/05) from NewEgg and it was only able to get to 1200MHz (1.2GHz). I
    had thought that maybe the BIOS would offer the Expert mode for the CPU
    if it had a clock unlocked chip. It won't in BIOS 2.0. I removed the
    chip and put it in my ASUS A7N8X which immediately supported it and
    overclocked it. I took the clock unlocked Barton 2500 (not mobile) from
    the A7N8X and put it in the 7NJL6 and was able to get it to run as a
    2500 @ 166/333 MHz.

    I just hope the VNF4/Ultra is more adaptable/configurable.
    stanmc, Jul 13, 2005
  6. stanmc

    uddarts Guest

    i don’t think chaintech has a board/bios that actually reads the
    mobile. i have a 7njs zenith. i can set my multis and have good
    voltage control for the vcore and vdmm. i’ve had it running 11.5x220
    with a 2600-m and corsair 6-2-2-2 ram.

    you should be able to run the cpu:ram at 200fsb if you set the timing
    to spd.

    you should like the vnf4. people have had good overclocks with the
    3000 venice core at a nice price. it’s hard to predict what the next
    oc’r cpu is going to be a month from now.

    uddarts, Jul 19, 2005
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