7VT600 and 7VAXP both funky?!

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Ben Simon, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Ben Simon

    Ben Simon Guest

    I had a 7VAXP which I moved from my workstation to my server. Funny
    thing happened when I moved it. Instead of putting in an AGP card, I
    installed a dinky PCI video card. I noticed the thing wouldn't boot.
    Fans would jerk for a moment and then nothing...but the amber light on
    the mb stayed on. So I put the AGP back in. It booted. So I took the
    AGP card out and kept out the PCI video card. Still wouldn't boot. I
    discovered that if I turn the power supply off and back on again with
    the PCI video installed and hit the power button about 10~15 times,
    (turning off the power supply each time) eventually it will boot. So
    that was that. I left it powered on as a server should be.

    The awesome board I replaced the 7VAXP with in my workstation was the
    7VT600 with 1394 IEEE built in. I loved this board. Worked great for
    about 5 months. Then I removed the board and took it with me on a
    trip. I didn't check the bag it was in, carried it onto the plane with
    me. When I got to my destination, plugged it in and everything worked
    fine. Packed it up, brought it home, and now it is behaving worse than
    the 7VAXP. The amber light comes on, the fans jolt briefly. When I CAN
    get it to stay on, there is nothing. Just a blank screen. No beeps
    from the bios, just a slight crackling noise from the speaker.

    Are these two behaviors coincidences even though they sound so
    similar? No caps look bad and I have done the usual swapping out of
    every part to solidify it is a problem with with the motherboard.

    I used to love Gigabyte. Help me love them again!!
    Ben Simon, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. Ben Simon

    Dimitris Guest

    Taking the board on a trip and back? The board might have been
    As for the similar symptoms, in the first case the pci video card
    might be faulty or incompatible with the board. With the 7vt600 you
    have problems with agp card on it right? Maybe its the agp card now
    that has problems?
    Cant tell much more..Just do a clear cmos with the jumper , it might
    Dimitris, Jun 4, 2004
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  3. Ben Simon

    Ben Simon Guest

    Taking the board on a trip and back? The board might have been
    Thanks for your time.
    If you reread my message, you'll see that,
    1) The pci card is not faulty. It works after a few tries. Will the
    7vaxp not boot if no video card is present? If that isn't the case,
    then it is further proof there is nothing wrong with the card since
    without a card it was not booting either. (I mean with NO video cards

    2) The agp card is not faulty, as it works fine in other machines, not
    to mention I tried multiple agp cards on the 7VT600. The 7VT600
    doesn't only have a problem with a video card, it just won't boot no
    matter what. I know how to swap parts to narrow down what is at fault.
    Give me SOME credit! :) I've been building computers for 10 years and
    even made my way through a good part of an electrical engineering

    Thanks again.
    Ben Simon, Jun 4, 2004
  4. Ben Simon

    nobody Guest

    As for the PCI video card. This might sound dumb, but did you set the BIOS to
    boot from AGP or PCI video?
    nobody, Jun 4, 2004
  5. Ben Simon

    Dimitris Guest

    I say also that the pci card may be incompatible..rare case but it
    Cold boot problems sometimes are related to PSU. How many watt is the
    power supply unit and how many years old is it? Humidity, dust, and
    heat deteriorate a PSU ability to regulate voltages over time.
    Dimitris, Jun 5, 2004
  6. Ben Simon

    Ben Simon Guest

    Hey, guys.
    1) Yes, I set the BIOS to boot from PCI and not AGP.
    2) Tried 3 different PSUs.

    Ben Simon, Jun 6, 2004
  7. Ben Simon

    Dimitris Guest

    Well it seems that either the processor, or the motherboard or both
    have been deteriorated.

    Just in case, check fans and temperatures(if you already haven't done
    Dimitris, Jun 7, 2004
  8. Ben Simon

    Ben Simon Guest

    Well now...here I come with egg on my face. Even though I had tried
    two power supplies with the 7VAXP, on a whim I tried a third the other
    day. It powered up without the issues I was experiencing before.

    The 7VT600 is still dead, though...maybe I'll try a fourth power
    Ben Simon, Jun 17, 2004
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