8 NPA SLI------F1 post code

Discussion in 'Epox' started by suemccartin, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Oct 25, 2006
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    I'm pulling my hair out with this one, hopefully somebody has a clue here.

    I had the board running just great with two sticks of centon pc3200 and a retail 3000+ cpu (sata 1 hard drive, pata hard drive) soundblaster extreme sound card, siig firewire 800 pcie (x1) card, PNY 6600 video card (retail).

    Then I got stupid and wanted a faster cpu and wanted to try SLI (yeah, yeah, I know the SLI on the pny is software only and doesn't work on a lot of boards but I wanted to try it anyhow). Well the new cpu I bought turned out to be bad (tested in another board). In the midst of messing around inside the case I knocked the BATX power supply connector loose so when I tried to boot the first time the machine lit up for a second then shut right down (as I'm sure it's designed to do if power is flukey).

    After that all the lights come on but the machine won't boot, so went through all the stuff trying to clear the bios etc ad nauseum. Epox sent me what's supposed to be a good bios chip, popped it in there still no go, now I get f1 post code, no video etc.

    I've tried different memory, etc. I don't have a different brand of pcie video card to try or I'd try that too (got a new pair coming but they won't be here for a few days) I even tried the old pci video card trick, still the lights come on but no one is home no boot no post no nothing.

    I've got a email going back and forth to Epox and all they can complain about is the sticks of ram I've got in there at the moment are pc2700 (yeah I told them I'd had two different sticks of pc3200 in there with no change, they have the same issues with techs that speak english as a second language as a lot of these companies have these cays).

    I've currently got two 754 chips, one is in my backup machine and running great, I can't see how the one in there now (that used to run fine in this board) could have gotten damaged but that's about the only other thing I've got left to do, swap that 3000+ into my other machine and see if it's ok.

    I did read something in here that I didn't know about SLI boards, it said you should use the slot closest to the cpu for the video card in a single configuration? Is that right? I assumed a single card should go in the slot closest to the power supply since that's where all single cards go in non SLI boards. I'll try anything at this point. Thanks for the help.
    suemccartin, Oct 25, 2006
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