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81.05 on my 6600 Gt dont support componet for soem reason ??

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Kate Fisher, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Kate Fisher

    Kate Fisher Guest

    I installed it and my screen is all blue. Says somthign about it being
    N/PAl or somthing. Did a reinstall just incase it was a problem with
    theinstall. but nope does it again.

    Iam redownloading 78.01 and hope its just a driver problem.

    My TV is a Toshiba HD 86cm TV Widescreen. And worked great via a DIN
    to Componet connector cable.

    its funnt they say on the website the 81.85 drivers ahve been enhanced
    for HDTV. Yep they left it out in my case :)

    I dont see a reason why it would not work now for no reason. Nothing
    in my system has changed. And the Defaul XP drivers are working just
    fine. be it very very slowly :)


    If you have any ideas why t his is happening let me know. Would like
    to see these enhanced HDTV settings. Iam running the TV in 720p in
    clone mode. With the 78.01 driveers atleast.

    In the 81.85 drivers i HAVE NO option to change my settings to this.
    No HDTYV settings are available :(

    Thank u.
    Kate Fisher, Oct 23, 2005
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  2. Under nView Display Settings, you should be able to select the TV, hit
    Device Settings and be able to select the HDTV output format.
    Robert Hancock, Oct 23, 2005
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  3. Kate Fisher

    Kate Fisher Guest

    Does the 81.05 drivers give you the option to select Comonet.
    Composite or Svideo on install. You know after the drivers have
    restarted the system. As it never gave me the options.

    And also their are NO options after for HDTV not 720p or 1080i. Or
    evebn 576 for that matter. Are they in a New place for the 81.05
    drivers ??

    I slect my TV and select device settings and sewlect Tv format. But it
    stops at (combination) N/PAL.

    Nothing underneath
    Kate Fisher, Oct 24, 2005
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