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81.89 beta still does not support componet. Any help !!!

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Alex broden, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Alex broden

    Alex broden Guest

    My Tv is connection to my pc and my 6600gt. Via a din to componet
    connection. Works great. My Tv resolution is 1088 by 612. And playing
    all my game son my PC is sweet.

    I want to build a new Pc soon. but want to play mygame son my pc. So i
    need the drivers to support componet. the card i want is a 7800 GT

    Why does it not. Have nvidia dumped componet. Iam using 78.01 drivers
    now becuase i want a colur screen and not blue screen :)

    is their any way i can email Nvidia or a forum they read to ask them
    these questions ???

    Need some dirrect Nvidia responses.

    Alex broden, Nov 13, 2005
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  2. Alex broden

    McGrandpa Guest

    You're not going to get a direct response from nVidia because they don't
    provide direct support to the end user.
    Personally, I feel there is a flaw in that as we consumers do depend on
    nVidia for driver support directly.
    McGrandpa, Nov 13, 2005
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  3. Alex broden

    XP Guest

    I do not understand questions and what is your problem and what driver
    version are you using..

    Nvidia has not dropped component out option at all, I don't know why you
    stated this..
    XP, Nov 13, 2005
  4. Alex broden

    Alex broden Guest

    Well the latest drivers dont work with my card. All i get is a blue
    screen not a crahs and no 720p or 1080i optiosn at all.

    And when i startup the drivers after the reboot it just gos to auto
    and gives me NO option to select componet. I think i saw 480i as the
    auto option.

    And when i go into the options all i see is scart, composite and

    That was 81.85 i think. Iam using the 78.01 driver snow and all is
    sweer :)

    Not sure whay its not working now. But it aint so iam sticking with
    the 78.01 drivers till anynew drivers work,

    Ill keep trying.
    Alex broden, Nov 14, 2005
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