8200 won't power up, there are no lights except blinking battery light

Discussion in 'Dell' started by trustee1466, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. trustee1466

    trustee1466 Guest

    My laptop is completely dead. The battery light works when battery is
    in but it won't power up. When using the AC adapter, still nothing. I
    replaced the power board with no success and don't know where to go
    from here. Is there any other part that it could be that would prevent
    any power at all to the laptop? I've cleaned most parts and the inside
    of the laptop but nothing seems to work.
    trustee1466, Oct 6, 2005
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  2. trustee1466

    Harry Gordon Guest

    If the "power board" is the same thing as the power supply, the only other
    thing that comes to mind is a bad on/off switch. My son-in-law had that
    problem with a desktop. He couldn't get it to power up at all. After putting
    in a new on/off switch it worked great. - Good luck.

    (I trust the cleaning wasn't done in the bath tub or shower.... :) ) -
    sorry, I just couldn't let that go by :))))

    Harry Gordon, Oct 7, 2005
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