8600 Pre-Loaded XP Modified Theme

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Billy, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Billy

    Billy Guest

    I have a mouse pointer problem that I believe is being caused by a
    pre-loaded XP modified theme. I go to display properties, but I see no way
    to edit or view the modified theme. I believe this theme is causing a
    "sticky" mouse problem where my mouse drags and clicks items on the desktop
    without me pressing the left mouse button. Is there a way for me to see the
    settings for this theme, to change the properties of it?
    Billy, Mar 3, 2004
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  2. Billy

    Tom Scales Guest

    Does the problem go away when you change themes?

    That would narrow it down.

    Tom Scales, Mar 3, 2004
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  3. Billy

    Billy Guest

    Yes, but I like this theme...less the mouse clicks.
    Billy, Mar 3, 2004
  4. It took less than two seconds to go to the Dell/Windows Help
    feature from the start menu, enter "Theme" in the search bar, do
    the search, and find this under "Create your own custom theme".

    It tells you where to find elements in the scheme you are using -
    that "Modified Theme". In your case, it may give you a hint as
    to where the conflict lies as you examine the current settings of
    the "Modified Theme".

    Start quote from Dell/Windows Help entry (View with fixed font,
    otherwise columns won't align):

    To create your own desktop theme

    Open Display in Control Panel.

    On the Themes tab, under Theme, click the theme you want to

    Make your changes to the theme. The following items are saved as
    part of a theme:

    Control Panel Tab Item

    Display Desktop Background,
    Position, and Color

    Display Desktop Icons (click Customize
    Desktop to change

    Display Screen Saver Screen saver

    Display Appearance Windows and buttons,
    Color scheme, and
    Font size

    Display Appearance All features on the
    Advanced Appearance
    dialog box (click

    Mouse Pointers Scheme or individual

    Sounds and Audio Devices Sounds Sound scheme and
    Program events

    When you finish making changes, click Apply on the Themes tab in
    the Display Properties dialog box, and then click Save As.
    Type a name for the theme and click OK.


    To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, click
    Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.

    If you modify a theme without saving it, your changes are saved
    with the name Previous theme name (Modified). However, your
    modified theme will be lost if you select a different theme.
    New themes are saved in My Documents. To open the My Documents
    folder, click Start, and then click My Documents

    End quote from Dell/Windows Help file.
    Ogden Johnson III, Mar 3, 2004
  5. Billy

    Billy Guest

    Yes, this was one of the first things I read. It tells you to go to
    display/properties, then to "Make your changes to the theme". It also go on
    to tell you what items in a theme are changeable. However, what it does not
    state is *how* to make these changes. Can you proceed to explain *how* to
    make the changes? Explain the steps after you get to display/properties,
    because there is nothing there to *edit* a theme.
    Billy, Mar 4, 2004
  6. Billy

    Quaoar Guest

    Sticky mouse is part of the Accessibility Options. If you also
    installed TweakUI, there is an X-mouse option that will also do this.
    If you have Intellimouse installed, there is an option to have the
    pointer go to the default button on dialogs. Check each one of these,
    the pointer movement options are not part of Themes which are only
    color, font, etc. To modify a theme, select from the drop-downs the item
    to change, click the color buttons, font buttons, etc.

    Quaoar, Mar 4, 2004
  7. [Snip details
    Sheesh! Just go through each step in turn, making or not making
    changes to the item involved.

    For example, for the item:

    Display/Desktop/Background, Position, and Color;

    go to the Desktop tab of Display properties, and change the
    Background from Dellwp to something else, Blue Lace 16 say. Hit
    apply. Next time you look at the Desktop it will have a
    different background, the Blue Lace 16 one. But only for now,
    unless you do the "Save As" thing, either under the current name
    or a new one. If not saved, when you reboot Windows, your
    Desktop Background will revert to the original setting contained
    in your specified theme. You can similarly play with the
    Position and [on some] Color settings. The preview window will
    show you what the highlighted selection will look like after you
    have executed "Apply"

    Repeat for each item in the list. Remember, no change is made to
    your real desktop until you hit the "Apply" after making a change
    (or if you wait, after you have done all of them); and that no
    change is permanent until you have done the "Save As" thing,
    either making it a /new/ "Modified Theme", or creating a totally
    different name to save it under. If you don't "Save As" (or
    change the "canned" default theme entirely), then the next time
    you boot up Windows, you will see the same theme you do now. So
    feel free to experiment with things. As long as you don't do a
    save, or change the "canned" default scheme and "Apply", nothing
    becomes permanent.

    Then, as the help screen states "When you finish making changes,
    click Apply on the Themes tab in the Display Properties dialog
    box." This will apply any/all of the changes you have made.
    Then, again as the help screen states, you can click on "Save As"
    on the theme screen and give the new theme you have just created
    a new name, say "Test01". Use it for a few days, and see if your
    mouse problem has gone away. If it has, you can then use "Save
    As" to essentially rename the Test01 theme to something you'd
    like it to be permanently, say "Billy's Theme". If it hasn't,
    repeat the process, making some more likely changes, and this
    time save it as "Test02". Repeat as necessary until you solve
    your problem. Presumably - I haven't tried it - you can delete
    the "Test0x" scheme(s) you have created, but if you can't, they
    don't really take up that much space.

    Note that two elements of the scheme are located in control panel
    properties selections other than the Display Properties menus,
    including the one probably most likely to be causing your
    difficulties, the Mouse Properties.

    All of this stuff is just basic Windows OS stuff, which may have
    changed in details as Windows migrated through the
    3.1/9x/ME/XP-NT/2K/XP progression, but is still OS stuff vice
    Dell stuff. If you cannot handle something as basic as this, you
    need to seek out a local "Introduction to Windows" freebie
    course, or drop into a book store to pick up one of the Windows
    "How To"-type books on WinXP.
    Ogden Johnson III, Mar 4, 2004
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