865 GBF Random Freeze / Reboot

Discussion in 'Intel' started by abhishek, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. abhishek

    abhishek Guest

    Intel 3.0 Ghz HT 478 pin CPU (HT - Prescott)
    Intel 865 GBF board
    2 512 MB Simmtronics 400 Mhz DDR - in Dual channel Config
    1 40 Gb Samsung HDD - ATA
    1 80 GB Samsung HDD - ATA
    1 Sony DVD Rom
    1 LG DVD Ram
    128 MB AGP nVida 4000 MX
    100 MBps LAN Card - Realtech
    Wifi 802.11g Card - Netgear
    Frontech TV Tuner Card -- old not used.
    Onboard Sound & Video.
    450 W Power Supply - Root -
    Thermally advantaged iBall Box - Cabinet fan is not on variable speed
    but works from direct power supply connector.

    System is 2 yrs old.

    System reboots / Freezes at random intervals . Between 2 Mins to 4-5
    Has even shown this behaviour during Boot up.
    These issues started 2 months back.

    Diagnostics Done
    Tried with madrake 10 / Win 2000 pro & XP pro. Similar Behaviour
    Ran memtest 86 for 8 hrs - No errors detected - except for one reboot
    in between
    Used Si- Soft Sandra to run complete diagnostic suite all Ok
    Burn in tests on Sandra - Sometimes Reboots / Freezes except that all
    Flashed Bios with Latest update.
    CPU temp in range od 42C (at boot time) to 67- 70 C while running -
    Using Speedfan to diagnose speeds.
    CPU Fan runs at 2650 RPM - Using Speedfan.
    Speed Fan cannot change CPU Fan's Speed ( This is the major change from
    before - eairlier the fan speed used to change as the cpu got hotter I
    could hear the inreased speeds - Speed used to go upto 3500 rpm)
    Checked with stripped down setup - Only one memchip / one hdd - all
    other peripherals removed no effect.
    Tried swapping components - have changed everything except the CPU &
    Mobo - still have the issue with every combination possible.

    Can anyone provide any hints ,clues , or some diagnostic on solving
    this almost baffaling mystery.

    abhishek, Dec 21, 2006
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  2. abhishek


    Sep 11, 2009
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    I have a similar setup with the same board and CPU. My guess is that your problem is that the system is shutting down because the CPU is overheating. This CPU shuts down the system when it reaches just about 70 degrees C. From your data is looks like the temperature could easily reach 70 for a moment, which would be enough to shut down the system. To check this theory, go to System Properties, Advanced, Startup and Recovery Settings, and uncheck Automatically Restart. If you do that the computer will not restart after an automatic shutdown but will go to a blue screen with some meaningless code on it. If you are watching the temperature closely you will probably see that the shutdown occurs just after the temperature reaches 68 or 69 degrees. That is you sign that the shut down is due to overheating.

    Things to check: CPU cooler and thermal grease; all your fans (my overheating was due to a failed power supply fan, so the power supply was overheating and causing everything else to run hot - the power supply fan does not report on Intel Active Monitor); and whatever software is running in the background. With luck you can reduce the load on the CPU so it does not overheat. If all else fails try turning off hyperthreading in the CPU settings in system configuration that you can access with F2 after POST.

    By eliminating background software, installing a larger power supply, and installing a new CPU cooler I managed to keep my CPU temperature below the mid 60's. Not ideal but better than trashing the whole system.

    colinfw, Sep 11, 2009
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  3. abhishek


    Oct 5, 2010
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    freezing randomly

    My computer is about 1 year old. im not very computer savy, but im pretty sure its not overheating. i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop. wndows vista. i am well aware that a known problem with vista is that it kicks the wireless internet aircard but it does not seem to be doing that here. my internet seems to be running just fine. i play a mmorpg on it and some light internet surfing. it freezes randomly. all but my mouse freezes. i cant cntrl+alt+del and i cant click on anythinghough my cursor is free to roam. i end up having to press my power butting to completely shut off. when i start it back up it runs fine. eventually it will freeze up tho. it barely started doing this. i think its day 3. do i have a virus? or should i update a certain driver? i tried to do just that. but im not sure what driver or if im looking in the wrong direction. please help!
    nokturtle88, Oct 5, 2010
  4. abhishek


    Sep 8, 2013
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    you just remove processor heat sink and apply thermal paste
    SANDEEP ANAND, Sep 8, 2013
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