8668c hard drive is dead, wont accept any other hard drive

Discussion in 'HP' started by cell phone repair, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. we had a power outage and i lost my WD 30gig, the recovery CD wont even
    format it, i tool a maxtore 6.4 from working pc and put it in the HP, the
    bios reads the maxtor but all i see after that is a flashing dot nothing
    more, nothing less.

    i took an old fujitsu 8.4 and did the recovery , smae thing happened , that
    flashing dot again

    should i use only WD or what is the problem exactly???

    one more question, i tried to take that WD off the case to send it for
    warranty but it sounded like escaping from jail is much easier, the screws r
    soldered into the sheets and i cant it off, any help with that as well?

    cell phone repair, Oct 8, 2003
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  2. cell phone repair

    Ben Myers Guest

    Check the drive jumper settings on any replacement drive. Make sure the drive
    is set to the master jumper setting. Next, enter the system BIOS setup and
    make sure that the drive has been detected properly by the BIOS. Then boot
    from a Windows setup diskette for your operating system, FDISK to create a FAT32
    partition, reboot, FORMAT the partition, then try the recovery... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 8, 2003
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