8KNXP and SATA ports question

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Phillip, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Guest

    I have two 120gb Seagates running off the SIL controller but would like to
    use 5ICHR SATA controller.
    I also have a DVD/R/RW, a DVD ROM and a CDR/RW connected to the IDE ports.

    I am not running any raid configuration but somehow feel that if I'm not
    connected to the Intel sata ports I'm
    somehow cheated of some speed as I am using the PCI bus I believe with the
    SIL ports.

    So to my question, can I run both SATA drives off the Intel 5ICHR and have
    my three optical drives still running
    off the IDE channels. I have tried various combinations but always loose my
    drives connected to IDE 1 and 2 because
    the system boots but I no longer have my DVD burner or the CDR as they share
    IDE 1. The DVD Rom
    is on IDE 2 as this helps me to burn on the fly as the DVD rom can read all
    the media both burners need.
    I have been trying on and off since I built this system last September and I
    finally have pulled my finger out and
    am trying to resolve this issue as it bugs me.

    My intention is to get another two SATA drives, totalling 4 and at present,
    I can't find a way to make this happen,
    I was under the impression when buying this board I could do this but I
    can't make it happen at the moment.

    I have tried all three optical drives (Pioneer 106, Pioneer ATA 66 DVD Rom
    and a LiteOn 52x52x24 CDR)
    on IDE 3 and 4 and none are detected. I also thought optical drives were
    supposed to work on these ports as
    I had read all the articles prior to buying the system saying this is
    possible. Were these all false claims?
    I honestly have a very reliable system, I sometimes freak it out when
    watching TV and editing video at
    the same time but I know I am asking for it, I get away with it most times

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have been brewing on this for
    comming upto a year now.



    Original bios (F3 I believe)
    P4 2.6 @ 2.73 (can't seem to overclock any higher and I am sick of pulling
    the battery out every time I try)
    2 x 512 mb ram (Kingston)
    2 x 120 gb HDD
    ATI 9800 pro
    Above mentioned optical drives
    AVerTV tuner card.
    Phillip, Jun 15, 2004
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  2. Phillip

    Tim Guest


    If your system is running 100% and you are otherwise happy with it, at the
    end of the changes you are proposing you may not notice any improvements in
    performance. You could spend hours on this and be dissapointed, so proceed
    only after backing up critical data.

    I take it you have a rev 1 motherboard?
    The mobo revision is on a sticker on a PCI slot somewhere.
    If not, take the comments here non-specifically IE the bios version numbers
    will not be correct.

    Firstly upgrade your bios to F10. Until you do you will have nothing but
    problems attempting the changes you are contemplating.
    Secondly, make sure any drivers you use are fresh downloads since if your
    bios is that old all other drivers are likely to be very much outdated too.

    Since F3 is so ancient (are you sure its F3? I thought the first bios was F4
    or 5...) upgrading to F10 is a big leap. Check the instructions with the
    bios download and use no method other than the floppy disc boot method. IE
    the windows @bios (?) utility is risky at the best of times and could lead
    to a dead system. After the bios update, power off, count to ten, power on
    and check that the system will still boot. Then I would do a cmos clear
    operation as per the manual. Make sure you then go into the bios again, load
    Setup defaults and check the configuration is correct. Power off, count to
    10, power on again. (the bios F5 did result in cmos corruptions occasionally
    so doing a cmos clear is a precautionary thing - make sure you remove the
    power cord from the mains and switch off completely otherwise it will not

    To be able to use both the IDE1 & 2 ports with the ICH5R SATA you need to
    configure the SATA ports not as IDE but as *Manual* (not Auto) Serial ATA on
    Serial ATA. You will need to install drivers and if one of these discs is
    you boot disc you will need to do so via F6 during a repair install - which
    is safe. You will need to check your boot order menu.

    If you need more details, then post back.
    If you are happy with system performance and just curious then reconsider
    doing this - personally I would.

    - Tim
    Tim, Jun 15, 2004
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