8KNXP Ultra SCSI RAID-0 Hibernate problem

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Pavel, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Pavel

    Pavel Guest

    I do not know if this was always a problem but recently I decided to use the
    Hibernate function of Windows XP and found that when booted from my SCSI
    Raid-0 drive, I get Stop Error 0x000000D1 associated with SCSIPORT.SYS when
    attempting to go to Hibernate mode. On same system, same exact OS but loaded
    from IDE drive gives no error.

    If one of you have SCSI Raid-0 on your system, can you initiate Hibernate? I
    have looked up all info about this but the closest I get is to replace the
    Scsiport.sys from system disk, which I did but that does not help. All the
    cable termination is correct, using active cable terminator. The drive ID's
    are also set properly.
    Pavel, Jan 27, 2004
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  2. Pavel

    Pavel Guest

    Just found the culprit....It's Alcohol 120% driver Xmasbus.sys. Others have
    similar problem.
    Pavel, Jan 28, 2004
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