8RDA+: Microphone problems and frustration

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Jon Heller, May 6, 2004.

  1. Jon Heller

    Jon Heller Guest

    Hello all,

    Now that I have need for it, I cannot get my microphone to work. My mobo
    (Epox 8RDA+) is configured for 6 channel sound, so all the rear ports are
    being used by my speakers. I hooked up the three pins (MIC-IN, MIC-POWER,
    and MIC-GRND) from the front audio panel to the correct audio connects on
    the mobo (which are located right below the video card).

    However, I can't get any sound from my microphone. I am positive the
    microphone works. I have used nVidia Soundstorm and made sure that the mic
    is not muted. I'm also upgraded to the latest drivers.

    What could I be doing wrong? Do the pins I connect have to have the writing
    facing a certain direction? I believe that was the case with the front USB
    ports so I wasn't sure if that applied here or not, but the manual sure
    doesn't say anything about that.

    Would REALLY appreciate some help here. Thanks!
    Jon Heller, May 6, 2004
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  2. Jon Heller

    Graham W Guest

    Hello Jon

    I'm not clear what kind of connectors you have since I don't have the
    front panel audio lead. If it is a single block, you must orientate it to
    pick up the right services on the right pins. In fact you must do this
    whatever type (single block or individual single pin connectors) you
    use. Since the Microphone is most likely an 'electret' type, it needs
    a DC bias to make it work. The manual is clear about which pin is

    Why not temporarily set it back to two channel sound and check that
    the Mic still works when plugged into the rear panel?
    Graham W, May 6, 2004
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  3. Jon Heller

    Jon Heller Guest

    Thank you for the response. I tested the mic in two channel mode (by
    switching my speaker setup to two speakers in nVidia Soundstorm control
    panel, and plugging the mic into the rear speaker) and that did indeed

    The front audio connectors are three single blocks, which I have plugged in
    to the appropriate pins on the AUD2 motherboard connector. There is no
    instruction in the manual of my case, which supplies the cables, or the
    motherboard which state which direction the writing on these pins should
    face. I was told that the direction shouldn't matter though?

    I also tested the mic in Linux, in case it was a software driver problem,
    and still didn't have any mic response.
    Jon Heller, May 8, 2004
  4. Jon Heller

    Graham W Guest

    Are these individual connectors printed with their connection names?

    What test gear have you got? A DVM or VOM Multimeter would be
    useful here.

    Can you find the lead which connects to the sleeve of the
    mic plug? This is MIC_GND and you can verify the matching pin on
    the m/board AUD2 header by voltage checking first between pin 2
    and metalwork on the adjacent shield. This should read 0.0vdc.

    Now put the +ve lead onto pin 4 of AUD2 and check that some 5vdc
    are available.

    Having established the GND lead from the front socket, connect it to
    the GND pin 2 as verified above. This leaves just the other two wires
    which can be connected on a trial basis and tested and then swapped
    over - one test will work, the other won't.

    Finally, if all seems correct and it still won't work, you will need to
    verify the m/board header can route audio to the input. A simple way
    is to connect the headphone output of a portable radio/player to
    pin 2 (GND) and pin 1 (MIC_IN) and check you can get sound
    through the system.
    Graham W, May 8, 2004
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