8RDA3+ PRO, mobo drivers problem?

Discussion in 'Epox' started by timplee@hotmail.com, Feb 18, 2006.

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    I have an 8RDA3+ PRO, Athlon XP 2800+, 512 MB RAM, 30G Maxtor, running
    Windows 98SE. This is my first complete, build, for my personal use.
    I've done alot of upgrades and work on my current PC and other PCs.
    The Win98SE is a cloned image from my current, working, older PC, with
    the "enum" key deleted just prior to bootup in the new PC. I have many
    programs and settings that I would like to keep, and not have to
    reinstall if possible. The bootup with the Win98SE image seemed to go

    The motherboard drivers and video card (GeForce FX 5500) drivers seemed
    to install, but after restarting, I keep getting a box, "There is a
    problem with your display settings. The adapter type is incorrect, or
    the current settings do not work with your hardware." Then, another
    box comes up that asks to restart and continue, or not, which will
    reset the settings to minimal settings. After trying this once, I
    found the message keeps coming up after rebooting again, so I just
    ignored the message, and boot into Windows. I'm using a 15", eMachines
    CRT as simple, basic monitor for working purposes, which seemed to be
    detected OK by Windows upon first boot. When I click on Display,
    Settings I get the generic, 16-color, 640x480 -- no sign of any
    settings more advanced than this.

    I've since booted and restarted many times. I get into Windows OK, but
    still have these problems.

    Device Manager says there are 3 yellow exclamation points: Display
    Adapters - nVidia GeForce FX 5500; Hard Disk Controllers - Standard IDE
    IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller; and Sound, Video and Game Controllers -
    MPU-401 Compatible. Properties, Resources under each say Conflicting
    Device List - No Conflict. I looked at both the IRQs under Computer,
    Properties; and on the loading screen at bootup, and did not see any
    obvious IRQ conflicts.

    I had copied that mobo and video card drivers to the disk image to be
    cloned, before I cloned it onto the new HD, which was fortunate,
    because I cannot access the CD-ROM. The hard disk controllers are
    running in real mode, and I cannot access the CD-ROM. However, the
    CD-ROM is detected by the BIOS during boot. I checked for a NoIDE
    value in the Registry; there wasn't one. I have floppy access.

    I suspect the motherboard chipset drivers did not install completely,
    or there is some conflict with them, because the 3 places with yellow
    exclamation points seem to be areas that would be affected by a chipset
    driver: the AGP port, the IDE controllers, and the sound-video-game
    controller. I clicked on the install executable of the chipset driver
    twice so far, not counting the first installation, but it doesn't do
    anything, presumably because it sees that the driver is already
    installed. I was careful to make sure the drivers were for Windows 9x,
    and not Windows 2000, XP, etc.

    I looked around on Usenet and on the Epox website, but did not find
    anything relevant, and I'm stumped. I'm not certain that this isn't a
    Windows issue, but, like I said, the conflicts are in these 3 places,
    so I thought I would ask for ideas here first. Haven't contacted Epox
    support yet, in case people here feel it's a Windows issue -- I'll ask
    for help in Win98 groups if people think it is.
    , Feb 18, 2006
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