8rda3+ questions, memory related

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Thorsten Peter, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. hey guys,

    got myself a 8rda3+ yesterday and i am really happy with it so far, though i
    have a few questions, i hope someone can answer.

    System Setup as follows:

    Epox 8rda3+
    Thouroughbred 2400+ @ 10 x 200mhz
    1 x Corsair XMS 3500 512 MB Module
    Geforce 3 ti 500
    SB live!
    2 x IBM DTLA
    1 x toshiba dvd
    1 x lite on CDR

    first thing....is it possible to manually adjust the memory command rate ? i
    didnt find a setting for this in the bios so far, though i am still using
    the 03/04/03 bios that came with the board, perhaps a newer bios would offer
    this setting.

    then....i read about some problems with corsair memory and nforce2
    chipset....is that true? or should my memory stick work ok with this board?
    i had problems with running prime 95, but even when clocking fsb/mem down to
    133 mhz it would crash after few seconds. on the other side i am running
    sisoft sandra burn in test for 5 hours now without any problems at
    10x200mhz, so i figure it might be a prime/nforce2 issue?

    concerning the onboard lan controllers....i managed to disable 1 of em by
    disabling the "mac enabled" setting in bios. is it possible to disable the
    2nd lan controller (detected as rtl 8139 by winxp) too?

    is it safe to raise the chipset voltage when overclocking without using a
    fan for the chipset heatsink?

    thanks for any help in advance...

    Thorsten Peter, Jul 4, 2003
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