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9500np strange artifacts in Halo

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Skip, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Skip

    Skip Guest

    WinXPpro w/sp1
    Sapphire 9500np 128mb
    512 pc3200 ram

    I get mostly white washed out background (walls, floors) artifacts in
    Halo. If you pan across an area the background walls will lose and
    regain their proper appearance. None of the in game adjustments have
    any effect on this. Dose anyone have any ideas as to what might be
    causing this effect and how to correct it. Thanks.
    Skip, Oct 21, 2003
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  2. are you overclocking?
    ernie samulaitis, Oct 24, 2003
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  3. Skip

    Skip Guest

    No, I would like to get it running right before I try that. When I
    play Unreal 2 everything looks great (all other games also look great)
    and I get over 100 FPS with Halo I get like 25 FPS. I'm running the
    latest ATI and mainboard drivers. I may finish the game before I
    figure out what's wrong.
    Skip, Oct 25, 2003
  4. Skip

    Skid Guest

    Go to www.rage3d.com and search the forums for Halo. Lots of people have
    trouble getting the settings right in this game, but you'll find lots of
    suggested fixes there.
    Skid, Oct 25, 2003
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