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975X vs. 965 chipset?

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Nobody, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Nobody

    Nobody Guest

    Which of these is going to be better for the Core Duo chips? The 975X has
    been out forever, and the 965 just came out. The only real difference I see
    is that the 965 supports SATA II? Is that the only difference? Is there
    going to be a revision of the 975X? Kind of weird if a lower number is
    better then a higher number.

    Intel sure has been confusing with thier product designations lately :)
    Nobody, Jul 15, 2006
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  2. Nobody

    Frobinrobin Guest

    The Intel version of 975X does not specify SATAII but an Asus 975x
    There wasnt an Intel i965 version when I checked my online supplier.

    The 975X is meant to support ECC Memory (who cares for desktops?) and
    some also 975X support ATI CrossFire. The i965 doesnt state anywhere it
    can support ECC memory or CrossFire.
    Obviously depending on which manufacturer you buy from and how much you
    pay will determine what you get on the mobo (Sata Controller, quality
    of components, number of ports, implemenation, stability, etc, etc). I
    wouldnt be surprised if some i965's are better than some 975X's.
    I still havent decided what I'm buying yet - £130-170 is too expensive
    without selling some of my other PCs and components.

    - FrobinRobin
    Frobinrobin, Jul 17, 2006
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  3. Nobody

    Mike Smith Guest

    CrossFire? Does this mean that they don't support SLI?
    Mike Smith, Jul 17, 2006
  4. Nobody

    Frobinrobin Guest

    - SLI belongs to nVidia (but you knew that) and for SLI you need an
    NVidia chipset.

    As CoreDuo2 is so new (not yet released), only Intel chipsets support
    Conroe/CoreDuo2.. as late starters to multi GPU's, ATI made a great
    decision to license/allow Intel to use Crossfire (I think).

    Nvidia are probably still working on Conroe/CoreDuo2 with their new
    NForce 5xx series chipsets.

    If you already own two nVidia GPUs you'll have to wait and see how
    nVidia do with the Intel version of NF5xx. lets hope it's better than
    their Intel NF4 chipsets. If you havent brought your gpu(s) yet then
    get the nVidia 7950 GX2 (2Gpu's on one card which should work on all
    PCI-Express mobo's - BIOS update may be required for some

    As for me, my monthly comp.mag has reviewed three Conroe compatible
    mobo's so hopefully this will help me decide between 965 and 975x.
    Just to confuse you more, Asus are saying that a number of their
    current mobo's will be compatible with CoreDuo2 - check out
    www.asus.com.tw to find out more.
    Frobinrobin, Jul 20, 2006
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