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Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by jOhN, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. jOhN

    jOhN Guest

    I've had this home-built gaming and web-browsing only PC for a couple of
    years - no hardware changes
    1 gig Corsair RAM (4 x 256)
    Sound blaster Live
    WD 120G HD
    Lite-On CDRW
    onboard NIC (Realtek 10/100)

    A few weeks ago it started to reboot during shutdown. I first noticed
    because it would be on every morning after a scheduled night time defrag
    (I wasn't gaming during that time period due to external issues). It
    would also not shutdown when I turned it on manually.

    As far as I remember the only "new" things done around the time this
    started was the frequent updating by Microsoft for XP :-(

    When I turned off the 'auto-reboot on failure' switch I saw kernal
    related faults(tracked down at websites for XP stop codes) that every
    website, including Microsoft, said were 99% likely to be caused by
    hardware drivers.

    I have updated to the latest BIOS (ver 8), video driver from ATI, sound
    drivers from Creative, Windows XP default drivers for my Lite-On CDRW
    per Lite-On recommendations, ran SpyBot Search and Destroy, Adaware,
    latest Norton anti-virus, and cleaned my registry. The only drivers I
    didn't update were the mainboard drivers because I felt the instructions

    If I shutdown from Safe Mode it goes okay. However, if I did a Selective
    Start-up (MSCONFIG) and unchecked EVERYTHING the system would hang up on
    shutdown again. The stop code might be different (depending on what
    items I unchecked) but it was always a kernal related code.

    Any suggestions other than a re-install? Would disabling things in the
    Hardware tab allow me to isolate the offending driver?
    jOhN, Dec 21, 2005
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  2. jOhN

    jOhN Guest

    After futilely trying all the suggestions I got off this group <sarcasm>
    and another dozen or so that I gleaned from the web I ended up
    re-installing XP PRO with SP2 slipstreamed into it. So far so good
    except for it booting itself everyday at 5am.

    I've checked out Task Scheduler and the other wake-up capable programs
    that i know of but haven't found anything yet. The BIOS has the Wake Up
    On Alarm disabled. Event Viewer is equally vague. Scans by AdAware,
    SpyBot, and Norton AV haven't come up with anything either. I'm using
    SpyBot to control registry changes and there is no email client
    installed on this machine (which is behind a Netgear router).

    I naturally want to know this system is under control before I set my
    System Restore points and Ghost the hard drive. I'm heading for
    Hijackthis now.
    jOhN, Dec 31, 2005
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