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A few Q's 9500np or 9700mod with limited pixel shader?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Skip, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Skip

    Skip Guest

    I installed the Omega drivers trying to solve my Halo problems (not
    solved yet) and tried the 9700mod. This added an additional problem to
    Halo with the pixel shader (solved by adding the "-use14" command). If
    I run the 3Dmark03 & 2001SE benchmarks my scores are much higher with
    my card modded and the only tests with problems are the "advanced
    pixel shader" & "pixel shader 2.0". Also, if I adjust my Pixel shader
    version through "rage3dtweak"(in card properties) instead of the
    command "-use14" then Halo will not load. My questions are?
    1.) Should I keep the card modded?
    If yes then
    2.) How should I disable the advanced pixel shader (game commands or
    3.) If I disable through rage3dtweak will future games install
    I will add that Unreal2 plays perfect with the card modded and no
    adjustments. Thank you for your patience with this post.
    My system:
    Sapphire 9500np modded to 9700
    Athlon 3200
    512mb ram
    Omega 2.4.96b drivers
    Skip, Nov 6, 2003
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