a few things about Shuttles and SN95G5V2

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Markku Ojala, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. Markku Ojala

    Markku Ojala Guest

    Hello everyone.

    Got myself a nice SN95G5, V2. After quite a lot of reading at
    Sudhian's SFFTech[1], i'm left with a bunch of thoughts and questions.

    Ok, first of all does some proper community documentation site exist?
    I'm thinking of a wiki, really. IMO discussion f.ex here or at
    Sudhian's SFFTech is fine at the time, and archives are always good
    and useful reading, but really don't make any good documentation, and
    a string searching capability doesn't help much.

    From reading the SFFTech, i've acknowledged a few annoying, if
    evadable issues: the insufficient current on the USB ports, the
    unreliability of the temperature sensors and the fact that the nVidia
    integrated GLAN isn't used.

    I have a pair of identical disks in a RAID-0 stripe. I fail to access
    any of the S.M.A.R.T. data with programs like SpeedFan f.ex., even if
    i liked to. This is mentioned in the SpeedFan help-file, but can
    someone think of a way to take a peek at that data throught the RAID
    abstraction layers? There isn't much space between the drives, i'd
    like to know how they're doing. The nVidia RAID Manager tells me
    they're "healthy", but i sure would like to know a little bit more.

    When i connect a plug to the front or read audio line-out, the other
    goes mute. However, i'd love to be in control of this, does anyone
    know of a way? This tacky, screen-estate hogging nVidia nVMixer
    program offers little options (looks mighty pretty though (blech)),
    but i thought i've seen Shuttles where it's even possible to assign
    different functions to the jacks on the rear panel.

    About this Cool'n'Quiet stuff. If i were to run Windows XP, and
    fancied lowering the capabilities of the machine when not needed, how
    would i commence? On the AMD site[2], some Cool'n'Quiet utility seems
    to be available for Windows ME and 2000 (from 2003) but there are
    these brand new "processor drivers" to be used with XP, though there's
    no mention of this Cool'n'Quiet technology (what a llame name for a
    feature, innit). If i installed them, how would i know when they've
    kicked in, and what the benefits were? I reckon i wanted one more
    icon to clutter my icontray. I wish SpeedFan or some other similar
    utility i was going to run anyway knew how to handle this. There are
    some rumours on the SFFTech about "XPCUtils" by Shuttle, but currently
    it's little much more than vapourware.

    I've yet to update the BIOS, since i haven't got a floppy drive
    connected and can't really be bothered right now. I have no idea
    which BIOS version i've got, really... hmm, it must be the one dated
    2004/10/07 since there's been only 1 update, and that was 12/07, which
    was only a couple of days before i got my machine.

    Maybe i ought to have split this into a number of threads instead of
    this salad. I didn't.

    Ok, ta for now.

    [1] http://forums.sudhian.com/categories.aspx?catid=43

    [2] http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_9706,00.html

    ..mace --- +12 !a g
    Markku Ojala, Dec 25, 2004
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