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A puzzle to puzzle you

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sk, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. sk

    sk Guest

    previously I posted about my problem twice but havent reached
    significant solution till yet.However, I am representing the problem
    in a different manner after carefully analysing it.
    The confusion is between "Building DMI Pool..." and "Verifying DMI
    Pool Data..".Note that whenever it shows "Building.." , windows will
    boot but will not go beyong the progress bar (In safe mode, beyond
    mup.sys,if mup disbled then viaagp.sys and so on) and in case it shows
    "Verifying.." there is absolutely no problem.
    1. It was used to verify until recently it started building at ever
    boot.No, I didnt install any new hardware.
    2. If I use my mobo on my frds' comp , it verifies...windows xp
    starts...and says "Found a new hardware--USB Controller".Installs
    driver and then on subsequent boots it keeps building.
    3. If I use my frds' mobo on my computer it verifies everytime I
    restart.Then I would replace the mobo and Now I am using my own mobo
    on my computer.Surprisingly it Verifies.On restart it verifies but
    after some reboots it starts building.
    Any idea what's happening?
    Thanx a lot !
    sk, Jul 17, 2004
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  2. sk

    Benthamman Guest

    Nope! - no idea. Why do you think someone may know? You may have a
    problem there, which no-one knows the answer to - maybe only you care?

    Things have got to a state where experts are only experts at small bits
    (very expert at little bits, or poor experts at complicated bits?). You
    have a complicated problem with a complicated bit.

    Is this fair? .....probably. You can get a replacement mobo for ~£15 ,
    you can replace all the memory for ~£50, you can then start to trace
    what the problem really was - but will you care by then?

    When things get like this even companies like ebuyer.com don't try to
    understand - its much cheaper to throw them away and replace with new
    for the customer.

    Benthamman, Jul 17, 2004
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  3. sk

    sk Guest

    Yeah Benthamman, probably you are right. Was just checking if someone
    has encounterd similar problem in past. I thought experts might
    explain the "Verifying","Building" confusion. still there is hope.
    there are many techies who deal with complicated problem with a
    complicated bit.
    thanx for ur comments.
    sk, Jul 18, 2004
  4. sk

    jamotto Guest

    You might try replacing the battery on the motherboard, but to be
    honest about the only way I think you will be able to get to the root
    of this problem is to just remove all unnecessary hardware and load
    the safe defaults for the bios and work your way up from there
    restoring bios options and adding hardware, etc.
    jamotto, Jul 18, 2004
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