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a vertical board for home electronics?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Zhang Weiwu, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Zhang Weiwu

    Zhang Weiwu Guest

    Hello. Slowly I discovered home PC equipment move from extension PCI
    card to individual devices. PCI modem card replaced by ADSL modem box
    with Ethernet port; removable harddisk used to be a slot in my 5.25'
    drive and is now a separate box with USB port; print server replaced by
    a small "print server box" with Ethernet and Parallel port. Finally
    desktop computer replaced by notebook and tower server replaced by a
    tiny server of only size of optical disco drive. I suddenly I have to
    deal with about 8 small boxes and a web of wires inter-connecting them.
    The devices, the web of wires, take much more spaces than their physical

    I think I could optimize it by using a vertical board that is designed
    to easily fix nails on them, and hang all these small boxes vertically
    on the board, and make the board stand on the side of my desk, thus it
    takes 0 square meter of space and yet still easy to fix when something
    broken. Is there such ready-made board for this purpose? It is better if
    the board have "footing" and can stand on its own. I could not manage to
    find such a board on the Internet not knowing what keyword to use.
    Zhang Weiwu, Aug 29, 2010
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