A7N8 Deluxe and 180GB drive not recognized.

Discussion in 'Asus' started by billh, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. billh

    billh Guest

    Sysgtem says drive is only 33GB instead of 160GB. BIOS is 1005. Will this
    board recognize a drive over the 134GB boundary? Does a later BIOS fix it?

    billh, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. billh

    billh Guest


    You nailed it, it was the size limiting jumper. Thanks very much!

    billh, Jul 28, 2003
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  3. billh

    Art Guest

    Here's a trick: A shareware hard drive wiping utility, BCwipe, does
    it's wiping by writing to disk in files of exactly 20MB in size from
    the bottom to the top of whatever partition you're wiping. (At least
    it does this for me within Windows 98se)

    Once installed, you invoke it by right-clicking the drive letter you
    want cleanse within Windows Explorer. If you let complete or cancel
    the wiping, it will gracefully exit and delete these temp files. IF,
    however, you were to kill this session of Windows Explorer, this will
    also abort completion of the disk wiping but in such a way that these
    temp files will be left behind.

    The temp files are placed within a temp folder "~BCWipe.tmp". When
    killing Windows Explorer and starting up another instance, I'll rename
    this folder "Junk1", "Junk2", "Junk3", etc....

    It appears that these files are filling the partition from one end to
    the other.
    Oh, and be sure to set the wiping to a "User defined pass quantity" of
    "1" because you want to do this as quickly as possible and not because
    you want your wiping to be truly secure. (Seven passes are supposedly
    recommended number fr the truly paranoid.)

    I only mention this particular disk wiping utility because it's the
    one that I happened to have installed on my PC. I'm sure that all of
    the other such wiping programs work under the same principle.

    It was by doing this that I was able to reproduce some truly bizarre
    errors on a Hitachi 185GB drive.

    Here's an example: If my primary DOS partition is greater than 32GB
    and the last logical DOS partion is also greater than 32GB, filling
    up one partition won't mutilate the other until one or the other gets
    filled with more than 32GB of data.

    I had hoped that by limiting each partition to under 32GB I could work
    around such problems. No such luck. I don't recall the exact
    circumstance but I created an 8MB partition (the smallest possible
    with this drive) as my last logical the first logical DOS partition

    To add to my confusion, I read somewhere that it may be possible to
    use the whole drive in Windows 98 (even though Microsoft won't release
    a fix unlike for Windows 2000 and Windows XP within there respective
    service packs) IF you do your partitioning strictly within a true DOS
    session where the BIOS is in use and you have the 48-bit LBA support
    that the a7n8x is supposed to have.

    This is truly frustrating. This was one thing that I failed to keep
    track of. I've installed the improved version of fdisk that Microsoft
    has created but I can't recall the exact circumstance that I used it
    and I did format some of the partitions from within Windows Explorer.
    This whole exercise has drained me. i just want the damn thing to

    I'm getting into a foul mood now. When I'm more inclined I will repost
    this into a new thread and get a proper discussion going. Mainly, I
    would lke to know that, if Microsoft won't create a Windows 98 fix for
    this, might nVidia?

    After all, Microsoft refused to release USB 2.0 drivers for Windows 98
    only because they're scumbags who would like to coerce you into
    getting XP. It was others, including nVidia, who came up with the
    Art, Jul 28, 2003
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