[a7n8x deluxe] Can a USB keyboard ne the only keyboard?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Clark Kent, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Guest

    I am still using one of the Old IBM PS/2 keyboards which weighs about 10
    pounds. I hate to leave it but it is beginning to give me trouble. With my
    older computer a PS/2 Keyboard had to be plugged in to complete the boot
    process. If it does not see the keyboard during bootup, it gives a message
    to press "F1" key before it continues. After the boot was completed and
    Windows was running with its drivers available, it was then possible to
    plug in and use a USB keyboard.

    Will the BIOS of the A7N8X-deluxe accept a USB Keyboard as its only
    keyboard and boot properly with it?

    Clark Kent, Dec 13, 2003
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  2. Clark Kent

    Andrew Guest

    Andrew, Dec 13, 2003
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  3. Clark Kent

    Ben Pope Guest

    Could have disabled the halt on keyboard error option in the BIOS.
    Yes, and with legacy support (an option in the bios) you should be able to
    use it without loading the drivers (such as in DOS)

    Ben Pope, Dec 13, 2003
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