A7N8X-DLX, Perfect sound with optical SPDIF

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Walter, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Walter

    Walter Guest

    Some time ago I found that there is a possibility to record
    sound from SPDIF sources (DVD, SAT-Rx a.s.o.).

    studying the manual I found the Connector on the motherboard,
    its the 6 Pin SPDIF digital interface.

    Disadvantage of this connector is, it delivers TTL/CMOS-signals IN and OUT,
    which have to be converted into Digital Coaxial signal, or
    optical SPDIF signal by an additional module.

    The ASUS Interface module is not available by my distributors,
    so I decided to develop my own interface:

    ---------------------------------------------------|<<<<------| Backloop Optical OUT--| |
    | ASUS MB, 6Pin
    <<<<------| Optical Audio OUT A7N8X-DLX |
    <<<<------| Digital Coax. OUT |

    And I can tell you "It works great!"

    Is hard to understand, that most motherboards don't
    offer SPDIF IN and OUT.

    Walter, Apr 11, 2008
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