A7n8x Power Down at 52c no matter what I do

Discussion in 'Asus' started by -S-, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. -S-

    -S- Guest

    My system powers down when it hits a temperature of 52c.

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe - Bios:c1005
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton w/ Stock cpu fan
    Pair of 512MB Corsair XMS pc3200
    350w PS

    Everything worked fine until I overclocked my system to an XP3000+ w/
    200FSB. When I overclocked to that setting (200 fsb w/ 10.5
    multiplier) the system ran fine for about 1 hour of playing
    battlefield 1942, then the system locked up in the middle of the game
    for about 1 second, then powered itself off instantly. Completely
    turned the pc off. I assume this was the C.O.P. kicking in on the

    After waiting about half an hour I started up the PC, it booted into
    the BIOS without any problems. I set the computer back to 2500+ stock
    settings (166fsb and a 11.0 multiplier). I saved the BIOS and booted
    windows up just fine. I let the system set idle for 10 hours, no
    problems. I returned to playing 1942 and after about 20 mins the
    system locked and powered down again, same exact symptoms as when it
    was overclocked. But this time it was only at stock settings.

    I waited, rebooted, set the BIOS to reload the defaults, saved andd
    booted into windows. I downloaded Prime95. I ran the torture test
    the computer had no errors and I slowly watched the cpu temp rise on
    the Asus Probe. Once it hit 52c the computer powered itself down.

    I thought it might be a power supply problem, I disconnected some of
    my case fans, and ran the computer with the side pannel off. I then
    ran the torture test again, system ran fine with no errors steady at
    38c. I let it run for 2 hours no problems.

    I then re-connected all the fans and left the side pannel of the case
    off, the system still ran fine under Prime95 and no power downs.
    System ran stable at 45c during this stress test.

    I then put the side of the case back on, and watched the temp slowly
    rise using Prime95 and asus probe. Once I hit 52c it powers down.
    I've verified this test on 4 tries now. Whenever I hit 52c, lights

    Any ideas, please help. My guess is that the motherboard C.O.P.
    feature was fried when I overclocked the system. Before I overclocked
    my system, it ran without powering down at 55c.

    -S-, Jul 18, 2003
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  2. -S-

    AJ Guest

    I'm running all night gaming with that board and RAM(256), 2100+ OC to
    2700+ and my CPU is 36C, mobo 30C. That's with a Zalman Flower HSF
    that no real over clocker would ever bother with.
    French Connection:
    AJ, Jul 18, 2003
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  3. -S-

    Dale Sampson Guest

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe - Bios:c1005
    AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Barton w/ Stock cpu fan
    Pair of 512MB Corsair XMS pc3200

    I'm seeing the same thing. I thought it might be the power supply shutting
    down. I replaced mine with
    an Antec 550. Only helped some. I can run at 200 X 10 now. At 200 X 10.5 it
    will run 1-4 hours and then shut off.
    Based on BIOS, Asus probe and MB monitor, there are no voltage or heat

    When I first built the system, I was running at 200 X 11. There were
    occasional memory errors so I backed off to 200 X 10.5. It ran fine that way
    for about 1 1/2 months and suddenly started shutting down as you describe.
    Until I replace the power supply, I could only run at 166 X 11 without it
    powering off.

    I too wonder if something (MB or CPU) got damaged.

    If by chance you learn anything about this, please post back or email me.
    I'll do the same.
    Dale Sampson, Jul 18, 2003
  4. -S-

    -S- Guest

    Thanks for the posts everyone. I have found an interim solution. I
    bought a new cpu fan ... an 80mm, Thermaltake Volcano 9 which can get
    up to 5800RPMs (that is moving out for an 80mm).

    I installed the fan (my previous fan was the stock 'retail' AMD Athlon
    XP+ fan which came with my Barton CPU retail package) and saw the
    temperatures drop dramatically, ultimately solving the problem of my
    power downs. Here are my test results.

    AMD Athlon XP+ Stock Fan
    RPM: Standard Max (~4800 RPM)
    Idle Temp: 43c
    Max Temp under Prime95 torture test: 52c (system powered down at this

    Thermaltake Volcano 9 Fan
    RPM: ~5800 (Max RPM)
    Idle: 33c
    Prime95 TT: 40c

    RPM: ~4200 RPMs (Barely audible over other 80mm case fans at this RPM)
    Idle: 36c
    Prime95 TT: Hovers between 43c and 44c on Asus Probe

    Since installing the new cpu fan, I have had no power downs. I have
    even overclocked the cpu to a 200fsb @ 10.0 multiplier without any
    powerdowns/problems and have only seen the temperature rise to 39c
    idle and 46c under Prime95 TT running at 2GHz. I think my problem was
    definitely heat related. The bottom line is as long as my cpu
    temperature stays below 52c according to the Asus Probe, I can run
    everything as normal even with an overclocked cpu.

    I also think that the first time I overclocked my cpu to a 200fsb
    3000+, some damage was done to the motherboard and/or the cpu. I can
    only guess what kind of damage was done, but I have a few different

    1. Cpu damaged, now creates excess heat
    2. Motherboard cpu temp sensor damaged, prematurely activates the COP
    3. Motherboard COP feature damaged, powers down system prematurely
    even when sent accurate cpu temp readings which are acceptable
    -S-, Jul 21, 2003
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