A7N8X V2 Deluxe MB and Atec P160 Case Front Panel Connection

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bryan, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Bryan

    Bryan Guest


    I have tried without success to connect the Antec P160 case front panel
    single firewire and dual usb 2 connectors to my Asus A7N8X V2 Deluxe
    motherboard. Has anyone managed to get over this problem?

    USB Connections as identified on page 31 on the Asus motherboard manual as
    pin 1 USB +5V USB +5V
    USB_P5- USB_P6-
    USB_P5+ USB_P6+
    No Pin NC

    The Antec case comes with one connector for each USB

    The front panel IEEE 1394 has different connections to the 8-pin 1394 HEAD
    connector fitted to the Asus Motherboard as identified on page 31 as
    pin1 Ground

    I have seen on a USA web site a SYBA PCI USB 2.0 & 1394a combo card Model
    SD-COMBO-02 which has internal connections which will enable me to connect
    to the two USB 2 connectors but nothing for the firewire. Unfortunately you
    cannot buy this card in the UK. Has anyone managed to get a different card
    to work that is available in the UK?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


    Bryan, Nov 4, 2005
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  2. Bryan

    Paul Guest

    My experience with a couple of Antec cases, is watch out for the
    design of the front panel connectors.

    On one of them, the +/- TPA and TPB signals on the Firewire are
    reversed. It pays to have a cheap multimeter, set to ohms, so that
    you can buzz from the mobo cable end, to the pins inside the front
    panel connector, to verify that the wires are what they should be.

    With USB, frequently the issue is that the Antec front panel circuit
    board only supports USB 1.1 data rates, instead of USB2. (Newer
    Antec cases will have the word "USB2" silk screened onto the assembly,
    basically telling you it is fixed. For older cases, you could contact
    Antec tech support and get a new USB2 ready assembly, which
    I hope will not be necessary in your case. Probably the vast
    majority of old Antec cases had the USB 1.1 only assembly in them,
    and only a small percentage of users got it fixed. Antec knew
    about the USB 1.1 only issue, but insisted on continuing to
    ship the USB 1.1 only equipped cases.)

    My A7N8X-E product box contained a PCI bracket with two Firewire
    connectors, and a PCI bracket with two USB connectors. If the
    cable on those is long enough, you might consider popping the
    PCI bracket into a drive bay in the front of the computer. You
    could modify one of those snap-in plastic drive bay bezels,
    such that the connectors in question protruded. By using the
    provided adapters that came with your Asus product, you stand
    a better chance of getting this stuff to work properly. (For
    best static discharge protection, it would be nice if the PCI
    bracket metal was in contact with the computer case, and using
    a plastic bezel won't make that easy.)

    So far, I haven't read of any accounts of Antec front panel
    wiring reversing power connections. Your motherboard headers
    should still be in working condition, and testing with the
    PCI bracket adapters will tell you if they are still OK or
    not. If your testing reveals they are non-functional, then
    consider a replacement PCI card.

    Here is another kind of product you could consider. It is a
    drive bay adapter plus a PCI card. Since all the materials
    are provided, you don't need to touch your Antec USB or
    Firewire wiring. I think this is available with beige or
    black plastic, with two different model numbers.


    (Review comments)

    Paul, Nov 4, 2005
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  3. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    Thanks Paul I will have a look at the card you mentioned.


    Bryan, Nov 8, 2005
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