A7NV266-VM - DOS Ethernet Drivers wanted (NDIS2)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bernhard, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Bernhard

    Bernhard Guest

    We'd like to use PXE with the above board and booting Win98 DOS before
    doing a unattended XP Prof. installation. Worked several hundred times
    with a bunch of different systems.
    But not with A7NV266-VM ...
    Referring the PCI information, it's containing the NVidia Ethernet
    Chipset (Vendor 10de and device ID 01c3). Neither on the NVidia nor
    the Asus web site I can find drivers for DOS (NDIS2 [DOS for
    Workgroups] and/or VLM/Client32 [Novell Netware]).
    Does anybody where such drivers can be found?
    Bernhard, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. Bernhard

    Nom Guest

    AFAIK, there are none. Disable the onboard NIC, and spend $5 on a PCI NIC -
    it'll come with all the drivers you need.
    Nom, Jul 23, 2003
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  3. Bernhard

    Bernd Guest

    there are some to be downloadable on
    They are working as described in the included PDF file. But Novell VLM
    are freezing.
    However: The PXE implemenation in the A7NV266 is one of the worst on
    the market: It reduces main conventional memory from 640KB to 512KB
    making it nearly impossible to make the PXE boot useful.
    Using 3rd party NICs (like Intel, Realtek) also doesn't work due to
    memory fragmenatation in the upper memory (again: not enough base
    So it looks like the Asus boards is junk for PXE purposes.


    Bernd, Jul 23, 2003
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