A7V133 + WinXP = cannot install SBLive!

Discussion in 'Asus' started by -DraconuS-, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. -DraconuS-

    -DraconuS- Guest

    I used to have Win98SE running well for years but recently moved to
    WinXP SP1.
    It was very disappointing to me, that all devices but the SB Live! were
    properly installed. Here starts the problem.
    I cannot install Creative drivers - they say: Setup couldn't detect any
    SB Audio card on your system... :(
    Whatever I do they say always the same. WinXP always detect SB Live
    Value (I have Player 1024 model) that is not working even that all audio
    devices seems to be properly installed.
    I tried many:
    - bios settings (PnP OS Installed, Reset Config. Data, reserving IRQs
    for Legacy devices, reserving IRQ for the proper PCI slot)
    - installing Via Hyperion 4in1 (4.49)
    - moving from ACPI running PC (most devices on IRQ#9) to Standard PC and
    then chaning IRQs for SB (5,9,10)
    Any suggestions?

    System specs:
    WinXP SP1
    Asus A7V133 - BIOS 1010b beta
    AMD Athlon XP TBred-B 2200+ @2GHz (20x100)
    Hynix 512MB CL3 SDR SDRAM @133MHz
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! Player 1024 PCI (CT4830) [in slot #3 now]
    Gainward GF3Ti200 AGPx4 64MB @220/500MHz
    -DraconuS-, Oct 28, 2003
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