A7v333. No video upon reseat. Just a thin red line at bootup

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Darren J, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Darren J

    Darren J Guest

    I've been naughty and also posted to 'alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati'
    under the subject
    '***Radeon 8500 deluxe*** 2 video cards and 2 monitors tried. Monitor has a
    thin red line on boot up'


    Until recently, the only symptom has been a thin-red vertical line, showing
    in the middle of the crt monitor, when shutting Win2k down.

    I have an ***Radeon 8500 deluxe*** video card, with a way-too-heavy Zalman
    heatsink and fan (ZD80???). An Asus A7v333 mobo with AMD2200 cpu.

    Occasionally I have had to reseat or push the video card back into its slot,
    as gravity and the heatsink are pulling the video card out of its AGP slot.
    I've even made stilts for the card to keep it in place, which has helped.

    *********Here's the current problem*********
    I took the video card out to reseat it today. After I re-inserted the card,
    I don't get a POST beep anymore but I do get a colorful little vertical line
    on the monitor, for an instant, when booting up. (Typically this has been
    resolved in the past by reseating the video card or pushing it back into its
    AGP slot.)

    I've tried using another monitor and video card in the AGP slot. Same

    I don't have a spare PCI video card and I can't test my video card on
    another system, (in case air-brushing it also caused another problem), as
    the heatsink is too large to fit into my other PC's.

    I tried reseating the RAM, as perhaps forcing the video card into the
    motherboard time after time has caused some warping of the motherboard,
    although the mobo is supported, where the AGP slot is.

    I haven't reseated the CPU. I haven't removed all the cards and reinserted
    them one at a time.

    I am extremely disappointed with the large video heatsink, as it has
    continued to pull my video card out of the AGP slot far too many times,
    though the cooling has been impressive.

    Should I try extracting all the cards and RAM and re-insert, one component
    at a time?

    If I reseat the CPU, then is my 6 month old tube of ARCTIC silver 5 up to
    the job? (Not always stored vertically.)

    I'll also have to find out how to remove my Thermaltake Volcano 7 heatsink
    and fan and re-install that, on the Web.

    Thanks for reading my rantings.

    Darren J, Oct 12, 2005
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  2. Darren J

    Darren J Guest

    Darren J, Oct 12, 2005
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