A7V333 rev. 2 problem with TB 2600+ fsb333

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Kurt B. Andersen, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. I have a A7V333 rev. 2 with bios 1017, which should support AMD Thorougbred
    2600+ wiht fsb 333.
    I´m using 896 mb ram pc 2100 fsb 266.
    It´s running in jumperless mode.
    When I set the speed to 2083 mhz in bios, it becomes very unstabile. It shut
    down programs and sometimes the whole pc restarts by itself.
    It´s stabile if it runs at 1667 mhz.
    When I set it to 2083 in bios, a red txt come to the right and it says:
    Caution: System memory can only operate at frequency higher than or equal to
    CPU front side bus frequency, please make sure the DRAM maximum frequency is
    not less than 333 MHz.

    Does that mean, that I will have to replace my ram to pc 2700 (fsb 333) to
    get it to work properly?
    Does anyone know a workaround to this issue.

    I hope you understand my question, even that I´m danish and do not speak or
    write english normally.

    Kurt B. Andersen, Dec 13, 2003
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  2. Kurt B. Andersen

    BoB Guest

    I bought the a7v8x for that cpu!
    Go to manual, set the fsb to 133/266, and increase the multiplier!
    I am running a amd2400 on that mobo but using cas2 333 memory!
    I had big problems with kingston value ram, pc2100, asus overvolts the
    ddr to 2.6 volts!
    BoB, Dec 13, 2003
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  3. Kurt B. Andersen

    Hippy Paul Guest

    Maybe - not all pc2100 can run as pc2700.

    1. Try setting CAS in the bios to 3.0 and seeing if that helps
    2. Run the fsb slower eg 150mhz and increase the multiplier using a pin mod
    such as
    use the "Interactive Pin-Mod guide v1.2" to access multipliers over 12.5.
    The wire in socket method might be easiest.

    I have a7v333 rev 2.0 with barton 2500+ using either 14 or 15 multiplier.
    Hippy Paul, Dec 13, 2003
  4. Thank you for both answers. I´ll make a little experimence . Modding is too
    much for me. If that´s the only solution, I rather put back my 2000+ again
    Maybe I should try some other memory. At this moment I´m using memory from
    three different factory in the size 512, 256 and 128. It seems that I´ll
    have to remove one of them, if I´ll try to make them run 2700, because the
    motherboard will automatic slow it down to 2100 if more than 2 blocks are

    Kurt B. Andersen, Dec 13, 2003
  5. Kurt B. Andersen

    ... et al. Guest

    Only two (2) DIMMs will support 333MHz-PC2700; if more than two 333MHz
    DIMMs are installed, the system automatically reverts to a maximum speed
    of 266MHz.

    That info you find in the "A7V333 Manual 1.01 Updates IE1010". The 1.01
    manual release-date is March 2002 and the PDF-version of the "Updates"
    was created 2002-03-28.
    At that date the current BIOS was version 1005(2002-03-14), and there
    have been ca 10-11 versions released since then.
    ¿Did the 2.x version(s) of the A7V333-board still come with the by then
    old/outdated Manual+Updates from march 2002?
    ¿Does Asustek still claim the above anywhere else?, .. on their

    Anyways, there have been posters here [1] that have claimed that from an
    unspecified BIOS version, possibly 1007, and onwards you can run the
    memorybus at PC2700-speeds, (166MHz * DoubleDataRate -> 333MHz), even
    with all 3 DIMM-slots filled.

    N.B.: I have only 2 PC2700 DIMM-cards, so i haven't been able to verify
    this personally.

    [1] for example, see the 4 followups to the post
    <with the subject-name
    "A7V333 SDRAM Configuration?" from around 2002-10-06.
    ... et al., Dec 16, 2003
  6. Thank you very much for your help. I had notified about the maximum 2 X 2700
    mhz ram, but I only had 2100 mhz memory. I did try with one 256 mb 2700 mhz
    ram, but it doesn´t help me. Still very unstable. . Now I have stopped my
    experience. I sold the 2600 cpu and bought a 2400 with only 266 fsb instead.
    Life has to go on :)
    The link below doesn´t work for me, because it has been removed from the
    server, that I´m using.

    Kurt B. Andersen, Dec 16, 2003
  7. Kurt B. Andersen

    ... et al. Guest

    Where do you want to go today? You may go wherever you want as long as
    you go to Google Inc.

    AFAIK (in this world of Murdoch'$, Micro$oft's & Ber£u$coni's), there is
    unfortunately only a single resource for this type of information ...
    In a better world, there are several independent public repositories for
    old Usenet posts.

    Besides having a monopoly or being close to having it, in certain parts
    of the information-field, i don't want imply any other relationship
    between the Search-engine owner and the Axis of ...
    ... et al., Dec 18, 2003
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