A7V333 Windows 2000 hibernate problem

Discussion in 'Asus' started by John Skilleter, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. I'm having a problem with hibernation on Windows 2000 on my A7V333.

    Usually, when I try to use Windows' hibernate command, the machine
    brings up the 'preparing to hibernate' message then the screen goes
    blank for a few seconds (sometimes with a flashing text-mode cursor in
    the top left) then it returns to the desktop, rather than saving the
    hibernate data to disk and shutting down.

    Very occaisionally, hibernation _will_ work, but there is no obvious
    pattern to when it will or won't work - it doesn't seem to be any
    specific program that I'm running that is preventing it as I've tried
    shutting applications down before hibernating and it doesn't seem to
    make any difference to whether it will hibernate or not.

    Any suggestions as to what I can try to make it work more reliably
    would be appreciated.

    The machine is an A7V333 with an Athlon 1900XP, 1.5Gb RAM, a pair of
    40Gb drives on the primary IDE controller and a CDROM on the slave.
    The RAID controller is disabled and it is running Windows 2000 SP2.
    The graphics card is a Matrox G450, the only other card in the machine
    is an Intel PRO/100+ PCI network card. I'm using PS/2 keyboard and
    mouse and don't have anything plugged into either the USB or Firewire

    John Skilleter
    John Skilleter, Jan 8, 2004
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  2. John Skilleter

    the gnome Guest

    Hibernationis only meant to work in jumper free mode (or the other, can't
    remember which) so refer to the manual.

    the gnome, Jan 9, 2004
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  3. Hmmm.....

    Just downloaded the latest manual and it doesn't mention hibernation
    at all.

    John Skilleter, Jan 12, 2004
  4. John Skilleter

    the gnome Guest

    Hmm, I will have to look for my manual.

    As another option, do you have the correct sleep state/power setting in the
    BIOS, may be S3 but then I am not too sure about that.

    the gnome, Jan 13, 2004
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